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Monterey Bay Aquarium and swimming

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

On Tuesday, Ella, grandma, papa and I went to the aquarium in Monterey.  We had a great day and the aquarium was absolutely incredible.  We started off in the seahorse exhibit and Ella was so focused.  She spent a few minutes at each tank just staring.  I also gave her one of my cameras and she was having so much fun taking pictures.  We spent a few hours there and Ella loved every minute of it (so did we).

123.jpg Walking down Cannery Row.

316.jpg Ella watching a little film about seahorses.

514.jpg So focused.

88.jpg Ella took a break from taking pictures to let me take this picture. This is in front of a huge tank that had sharks and stingrays and a lot of other very large fish.

96.jpg Taking a break to take a sweet picture.

104.jpg Grandma and Ella checking out a huge tank of anchovies.

1111.jpgOtters always make people smile and laugh! I love otters…they are my power animal.

124.jpg Ice cream at the end of a great day.

163.jpg Some fudge for me and papa.

Here are some pictures that I took of the sea life.


Here are some pictures that Ella took.

13ella.jpg14ella.jpg153.jpgPretty great huh?

Today we all went to Pier 39 and had lunch at our favorite crab place.  In the afternoon, mommy went to work out and Ella and grandma went swimming.

16pier69.jpg Walking at Pier 39.

Grandma couldn’t believe what a great swimmer Ella has become.  They had a great time in the pool.  I’ll make a movie tomorrow.  Here are some photos.


Busy few days

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

The visits with friends and family has continued and we are having so much fun.  On Sunday, Stella had her birthday party.  Helen and Ron had the party in their home and with the help of Julie and Justin, created a beautiful gingerbread house making tea party.  It was a wonderful party and Ella had so much fun.  Most of the kids there were from Stella and Juliet’s school and we were interested to see how Ella would do with so many “new” kids around, paying attention to Stella.  Ella did a great job and only really got upset once when one of Stella’s friends told her that she wasn’t Cinderella.  She recovered pretty quickly.

120.jpg216.jpgThe girls loving each other before the party.

315.jpg412.jpgCreating a beautiful gingerbread house.

513.jpg Moving on to the tea party upstairs.

612.jpgThe girls with some fancy “champagne”.

79.jpg I think mommy was doing a magic show during this picture.

Later on in the evening, Uncle Jesse and Aunt Heather came over.  They are in town from LA for the weekend.  They brought Ella a Toy Story Wii game.  It’s just like the ride we went on in Disneyland.  We all had a lot of fun playing it.

87.jpg Jesse vs. Ella.  Heather was clearly entertained.

95.jpgElla, mommy and papa watching some game play.

103.jpgPlaying in 3-D!

1110.jpgElla vs. mommy.  Looks like Jesse wants to jump in there.

Today, Ella, grandma, papa and I did a little shopping and then had lunch.  Later on tonight, we had Monday night movie night.  We watched A Bug’s Life for the 100th time.

133.jpgPapa, Ella and grandma walking to the Patagonia store.

142.jpgElla singing grandma a funny song.

152.jpgIt was pretty cold out today!

162.jpg Movie night!  Enjoying popcorn and brownies.

Here is the funny video of charades from the other night…

The Nutcracker

Sunday, December 27th, 2009

Ella woke up really excited this morning.  She couldn’t wait to go see the Nutcracker.  Before breakfast, Ella got her outfit all ready for the show (which was not until 2:00).  Ella loved the Nutcracker and was so excited when she recognized songs and mesmerized by the costumes and dancing.  Tonight, Sunny and I went out and Ella hung out with grandma and papa.  Before we left, Ella and grandma started playing this really cool game of charades.  Mommy and I joined in for a few minutes and I have some of it on video.  I’ll make a movie tomorrow.

119.jpg Beautiful Ella taking it all in.

215.jpg In the store picking out a nutcracker.

314.jpg The three of us!

512.jpg Papa, Ella and grandma after the show.

611.jpg Ella and grandma watching mommy do something in charades.

Rings, dim sum, Princess and the Frog

Saturday, December 26th, 2009

We’ve all been having a lot of fun spending time with friends and family.  On Christmas Eve, we went to Candace and Courtney’s for a little while and then came home and exchanged presents with Stella and Juliet.  We gave the girls the same dress and Helen, Ron, Julie and Justin gave the girls the same ring.  They were so sweet together.

511.jpg610.jpgElla loves her ring so much.  It’s a little big on her so we need to get it made smaller because she doesn’t want to take it off.

My parents came in late last night and even with all of mommy’s efforts, Ella was too excited to go to sleep.  As soon as Ella saw grandma and papa, she started talking a mile a minute about going to see the Princess and the Frog and the Nutcracker and everything else.  I think she finally fell asleep at 11:45.  This morning, we went to Dim Sum with Becca and Kate and then just the family went to the Princess and the Frog.  Ella loved the movie.  She was so proud of herself that she wasn’t scared at all – not even scared of the “shadow man”.  After the movie, we hung around the house and had some great brisket leftovers.  Tomorrow we go to the Nutcracker.

118.jpg On the way to Dim Sum.

214.jpg Ella was loving the shrimp dumplings.

313.jpg Ella and Becca fooling around as usual.  Notice their festive holiday colors.

411.jpg Mommy and grandma helped Ella on a fun motorcycle ride after the movie.

Good Dr. appointment, great friends, fun times

Thursday, December 24th, 2009

When Ella woke up this morning, I broke the news to her that I was going to take her to the doctor.  She didn’t seemed thrilled but I made things all better by going to Happy Donuts and getting her a chocolate donut that she ate in bed.  The visit to the doctor was fine.  Ella’s hives are getting better – less angry looking.  The doc thinks she may be allergic ao amoxicillin.  Good thing to know.  After the doctor, we did a little shoe shopping for Ella – her brain is growing, her heart is growing, her body is growing and her feet are growing.    Tonight, Sunny made a delicious brisket dinner for our friends Tonia, Simon, Lola and our friend Leslie who is in town from Chicago.  We had an amazing dinner and then the Arena/Kim clan came over to celebrate Stella’s 5th birthday.  It was really sweet.  Ella had something going on with Juliet tonight, but that’s what “sisters” do.  KJ and Lola were really cute together.  Enjoy the pics.116.jpg Chocolate donuts – the breakfast of champions.213.jpg Ella and Bug.312.jpg Ella and Towby.410.jpg Our dinner guests Leslie, Simon, Tonia and Lola.510.jpg Ella teaching Lola how to use a tiny spoon.69.jpg77.jpg86.jpg94.jpgHappy Birthday sweet Stella!  Thanks for letting us celebrate with you. Can’t wait for the party on Sunday.102.jpg KJ making the moves on Lola.117.jpg Leslie and Lola.122.jpg Beautiful Ella with her banged up face.  The poor baby is recovering form a face smashing on a table last night and an infection under her nose.  In 3 days, she will be perfect!132.jpg Leslie and her girls.

Ella’s new walkie talkie

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

Well not really…today Ella and I went over to Borders to return some books that Ella received for Chanukah.  Whenever Ella makes any returns at Borders we let her take her money and get whatever she wants.  Today she picked out a Dora crystal making science kit, a funny light up ball and this bullhorn thing that she has been calling a walkie talkie.  She loves it.  There is a little video at the end showing how much Ella loves her new toy and how much she loves us.  Tonight we had dinner at Acme with our friends who live in the building.  It’s one of the last nights at the Acme Chop house.  Maybe we’ll go there with my parents on the very last night, the 26th.  We have made a lot of beautiful memories at Acme.  That was the last meal we ate the night before Ella was born.  It was also the first restaurant that Ella went to at like 7 days old.  So many more wonderful memories, fun New Years Eves, I hope the next place is just as great for us.Ella’s welts/dots/hives, whatever are not getting better.  I am taking her to the doctor tomorrow morning.  Hopefully its nothing.  She has been so amazing at not scratching and not complaining.  After the doctor, we are going shoe shopping.  Her feet are getting bigger and she is very sensitive about how her socks feel in her shoes.115.jpg Ella and her mini bullhorn.212.jpg311.jpg4 more nights at the Acme Chophouse.

Waking up with red dots all over her legs

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

It seems as if this illness is never ending.  Ella woke up this morning, after sleeping super late which was a beautiful thing and said, “Mama, my legs are itchy”.  I went over to her and looked at her legs and they had red spots all over them.  They looked like bug bites or hives.  Poor baby – I wish this would all end for her.  She was very cool about it – I had her put on some soft tights so that she wouldn’t scratch herself and she was totally cooperative.  I called the doctor and they said that sometimes once a virus is leaving the body, they get these hives for up to 10 days.  We gave Ella benedryl and it seemed to stop her itching but the hives didn’t go away.  She was sleepy during the day, but had a lot of fun with Gilana who came over to visit.  Julie and Gilana came over this afternoon.  Gilana is about 10 months old and is the cutest baby.  Ella was quiet and gentle and really sweet with her.  Here are some pictures of them.

114.jpg211.jpgWhat a sweet friend.

310.jpg Gilana pulling herself up on Ella.  Julie remembers Ella being this young and beautiful.

49.jpg How cute is this kid?!

68.jpgGetting ready for bed.  Ella agreed to wear pajamas so that her legs didn’t get itchy.  I hope her hives are doing a little better in the morning.  This kid is an amazing trooper.  What a love.

Another princess tea

Monday, December 21st, 2009

Today, Debby, Toby and Rachel took Ella (and Sunny and me) to a late Chanukah tea.  We went to a really sweet place right by Golden Gate Park and Ella, of course was dressed as Cinderella.  We all had a great time.  Ella had a blast with Rachel who is in town from college for winter break.

On Friday night, we stayed home.  We were supposed to have movie night with Stella and Juliet but they had to go somewhere.  They have been watching Annie lately and we were going to watch it on Friday night so we went and got it for Ella.  At first, Ella wasn’t too sure about watching it.  I went into the living room and started watching it and Sunny and Ella were doing something else.  Then Sunny came into the room and soon Ella was standing in the doorway with a look of amazement on her face.  Her eyes lit up as she heard Annie sing “Maybe”.  Ella looked at us and said, “she has a beautiful voice”.  Ella watched the rest of the movie and has been talking about it all weekend.  We downloaded the music and Ella has been trying to learn Annie’s parts in all the songs.  She is so into the music…it’s beautiful to watch her learn.

113.jpg Mommy and Ella walking down the hall on the way to the tea.

210.jpgA princess in the elevator.

39.jpg Stirring lots of sugar in her tea.

48.jpg Playing around with Debby from across the table.

58.jpg This is a very loved child.

67.jpg Happiness.

76.jpg More fun with Rachel.

85.jpg The princess and her new purse.

Winter concert and the ferry building

Saturday, December 19th, 2009

Today was the winter concert at Ella’s school.  The preschool performance was really cute and you can see it at the end of this entry.  Unfortunately, I put my hand near the mic during the last 30 seconds or so and it’s a little muffled but you will get the overall feeling.  It was great and Ella did a great job in her own sweet way.  After the performance, we had lunch at Amici’s and then we went to the Ferry Building for some tea.  Ella and I are officially on winter break as of this afternoon.  Ella is feeling much better now.  The break should be a lot of fun.

110.jpg Mommy and Ella drawing at Amici’s.

29.jpg Such amazing focus and concentration.

38.jpg Here we are at the Tea House in the Ferry building.

57.jpg Mommy and Ella having tea.

66.jpgI think we were saying, “Coochie taco”.

4ellapic.jpg7ellapic.jpgPhotos taken by Ella.

84.jpg93.jpgLove at the Ferry Building.

Here is the concert..

Holiday dinner

Friday, December 18th, 2009

Tonight, our family and the Kim/Arena family had a holiday dinner.  We all went to Acme and had a great time.  The girls had a great time with each other and KJ fell asleep just as the food arrived.19.jpg The girls were fooling around and playing a game with Ron and Sunny.  Here is Ella making her not smiling face.28.jpg Ron and KJ.  KJ is such a sweet boy.47.jpg The girls being super silly.56.jpg Ella giving Juliet a big hug.65.jpg75.jpgElla and Stella loving each other outside of Acme.  The palm trees have been beautifully lit for the holidays.This is a little video of Ella singing part of a song that the preschoolers are going to be performing at the CDS winter concert tomorrow.  Here are the actual lyrics of the portion of the song…Hello, bon jour, buenos dias,G’day, guten Tag, Kon nich-i wa,Ciao, shalom, dobrey dy-en,Hello to all the children of the world!In this video, notice that Ella has decided that the “guten tag, kon nich-i-wa” part is really coochie taco, nichiwa.