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A beautiful day in SF

Monday, March 17th, 2008

Today was a gorgeous day. Ella had a playdate with Rebecca, her friend who she went to Fairyland with a few weeks ago. We spent the morning and early afternoon at the ballpark, and the little park behind the ballpark. The girls get along really well and they had a lot of fun together. During the middle of the day, I dropped my camera and broke it. Good thing I have another camera and that I bought the extended warranty for the one I dropped. After Ella’s nap, we played around the house and then we took a walk over to Becca’s house to hand out with Becca and Tucker. It was a great day and night. Here are a few pictures from today.

Here’s Ella having of fun

Ella and Rebecca walking towards the trolley at the ballpark

Ella and Rebecca sitting on the trolley – looks like the sun was in their eyes

Here are the 3 of us with the sun in our eyes

The field of dreams

That face

Sunday, March 16th, 2008

Ella is growing up every second! She amazes us every day. Today she was busy, busy, busy. After a great night’s sleep, Ella started off the day reading books, doing art projects, doing ballet and playing with so many toys. We had a visit from Phyllis in the afternoon and Ella had so much fun with her. We took out the tunnel and Ella, as she was going into the tunnel said, “Bye bye – I’m going to LA” and then she would come out of the tunnel and say, “I’m back”. Then she would go back again and say, “I’m going to New Jersey…I’m back…I’m going to New York…I’m back…I’m going to San Francisco…I’m back…I’m going to the aquarium…I’m back…” If you asked her what she saw at any of her destinations, she would tell you a whole story about it. After Phyllis left, Ella played with rubber stamps and paint and then it was bath time. After the bath, Kate came over for dinner and Ella had a great visit with Kate. She played with this shape thing and then decided to take all the pieces and put them in Kate’s hand. She kept saying, “Here you go…thank you…here you go…thank you…” Nothing like a little repetition. Ella is sleeping soundly now. She’s just an incredible little person.

Look at this face

Ella rarely lets us keep her hair back, but she looks so sweet like this

Hello – is anyone there?

Check out Ella in her PJ’s and with her cool car that she can finally ride by herself

Photos from “Egg Island” and the pool

Saturday, March 15th, 2008

After Ella’s exciting morning, she decided that she wasn’t going to take a nap. She stayed in her crib for about an hour and just kept saying, “I’m awake – I’m awake – I’m not tired!” She also played with all of her stuffed animal friends. I asked her what she was talking to them about and she said, “Happy thoughts”. There’s a song from Yo Gabba Gabba that talks about thinking happy thoughts. I’m happy she’s learning beautiful things from that show. When mommy came home from work, we went to the gym to go swimming and have dinner at the pub. We haven’t been swimming in a long time because Ella has had a perpetual cold this winter, but she’s healthy now. We had a great surprise tonight. Ella can stand on her tip toes in the pool all by herself! She can only do it on her tip toes, so she’s not comfortable walking around, but I think it was exciting for her to be independent in the pool (at least for 10 seconds). I know it was exciting for us.

Check out the look of determination – Ella is out to find eggs

I found 2 more!

Ella looking up at the clouds

Ron and Stella looking up at the clouds

Now this is pretty amazing – getting 10 kids to line up for a picture

Even better – now we have 12 kids!

Stella and Juliet running down Tall Mountain

Here’s the gang.

Complete happiness

Tickle face

Ella standing in the pool all by herself!

Egg Island Video

Saturday, March 15th, 2008

Today, two amazing moms from the neigborhood put together an easter egg hunt at the little park where Ella went to the birthday party last week. It was so cute – there were like 12 kids there running around, finding eggs and putting them into their baskets. This morning, when we told Ella what she was going to do today, she said, “We’re going to Egg Island to find eggs”. Very cute. Here’s a video that I put together of our morning at Egg Island. It ended by Stella, Juliet, Ella and Ron running up “Tall Mountain” and doing ring around the rosie.

Ella and her chop sticks

Friday, March 14th, 2008

Ella and I had a great day today. We went to My Gym and Ella had a lot of fun doing the activities and playing with her friends. She has also gained some upper arm strength (a little) and she loves trying to hang. My Gym has quite a few hanging situations so she thrived there today. When we came home, she wanted gnocci for lunch, which she had and then she wanted to read a lot of books. It was fantastic. Her focus is so great. We read “Llama Llama Mad At Mama” and “When Pigasso met Mootisse”. After we read that book, Ella told me that she wanted to paint. It was getting to be time for a nap, so I told her that she could paint after the nap. She actually took a nap and when she woke up, made a beautiful painting. After that, we ran around the hallway and had some fun around the building. When mommy came home, she cooked dinner for all of us and we had a delicious dinner together. The following video shows Ella mastering her chop sticks. She did a great job.

Technical problem last night

Wednesday, March 12th, 2008

Whew – I went to sleep not being able to get onto this site and I was afraid that everything was erased. It’s all better so I’m not going to worry. I just wanted to post a few cute pictures of Ella from yesterday when I came home from work and a short movie showing Ella’s love of yelling these days. She loves to go to the elevator and yell. The only problem with that is that the only jerk on our entire floor lives directly in front of the elevator. He’s been known to come out and say rude things. The beautiful thing about it is that Ella doesn’t care.

Look at this big haired beauty!

Yes – this is a fake smile, but it’s so cute.

The photo is a little fuzzy from the sun, but this is one focused child.

Now for a quick video…

How about a little baseball

Monday, March 10th, 2008

It was a gorgeous day today. This afternoon, we went to the park with a T-ball thing and began to teach Ella how to swing the bat. She was really funny – she loved her bat, loved running around with it, and didn’t want to give us a turn to use it. She hit really well with our help. The bat was a little big so we are going to get her something a little smaller. It was a lot of fun. After T-ball, we went home and got the dogs and took them to another park by the house. Ella insisted on walking the whole time – including going over the 4th Street bridge. Ella ran around the park and climbed to the top of “tall mountain” a very large grassy hill in the beginning of the park. She met a lot of other dogs and had so much fun. In the evening, we took advantage of gaining an hour of sunlight and went to dinner in the Ferry Building with Becca. Ella had such a great time with Becca that she ordered Sunny and I to “go away” when we were leaving the restaurant. She really wanted her alone time with Becca. We thought it was terrific.

Mommy and Ella on the way to the park in Ella’s cool ride

Mommy starting Ella early

Remember – keep your eye on the ball

OK – I’m going to pitch it to you – 2 hands on the bat

Yay! You hit the ball!

Really starting to get the hang of it

A beautiful loving moment with Mommy

It’s my bat – my bat

Walking over the Fourth Street Bridge

We made it to the top of tall mountain

Ella showing Becca her cool trick with the cups

Here’s a little video of Ella and her baseball lessons

Ella at a golf themed birthday party

Sunday, March 9th, 2008

Today, we took Ella to her friend Hariel’s birthday party. Hariel loves golf (he’s 2) so his parents threw him a party and the kids got a little golf club, tee and ball for a party favor. Hariel is actually an amazing little golfer. His dad told us that all Hariel watches on TV is golf. Check him out…

Hariel getting ready to tee off.

Ella checking out her new golf club

Mommy trying to give Ella a golf lesson

Ok – so maybe Ella would rather her golf club be a baseball bat

Ella getting a huggie from her friend Tyler

Ella thoroughly enjoying the birthday cupcake. She actually only ate the icing.

Ella is sneaking around the table trying to steal another cupcake. She didn’t succeed.

On the way home from the party, we bumped into Stella, Juliet, Helen and Ron. Ron just came back from NY. He brought all the girls back a Yankee shirt. This is the best picture I could get of all of them.

What a face.

Ella never took a nap today. She just fooled around in her crib for about an hour. She was a little cranky in the afternoon. At around 5:00, she told us that she wanted to watch Ratatouille. I asked Sunny to bring me up some popcorn for the movie. Sunny brought up 2 little boxes of popcorn, one for me and one for herself. Ella looked at me and said, “I want popcorn, I love popcorn”. I put my box out for her to take some and she took the box. She sat down in her seat and wouldn’t let me have my box back.

Lunch behind the ballpark

Saturday, March 8th, 2008

Ella is still recovering from her cold, but we had a lot of fun today at lunch and at the park. Ella told me that she wanted to eat grilled cheese and french fries at Maria’s (she’s the daughter of the guy who owns the Java House). We went over there and had a great lunch. During lunch, Ella treated me to some amazing monologues. On the video below, first she is talking about her food and the pigeons and then she went into this Yo Gabba Gabba mantra type thing. She started out singing a song about dreams and then went into this other thing that the robot guy does. It doesn’t make too much sense if you don’t know the show, but it’s pretty entertaining anyway. After lunch, we went to the park and Ella played really well with the other kids. There were these two boys playing with cars, rolling them along the wall. Ella found a car and started doing the same thing. She kept up with them and laughed hysterically when one of the boys crashed his car into hers. It’s great to see the playing turning into actually playing together. Tonight we had dinner with Stella, Juliet and Helen (Ron is out of town) and then the girls came over to watch a movie. We started to watch The Wizard of Oz, but Stella said that she didn’t want to see it. Instead, we watched Cinderella and it was a huge hit. It was a great day and night.

Ella having her grilled cheese and french fries

Ella playing with the cars along the wall

Very focused

Look at these curls!

And now for the video…

Thursday at Yerba Buena

Friday, March 7th, 2008

Ella has a cold (again) so we decided not to send her to My Gym. It was a pretty nice day so we went to Yerba Buena, went on the carousel, did a little shopping at the store and walked around the garden. The playground was closed, so we did a lot of walking. Ella likes to go on the dragon chairs these days on the carousel. She told me that the dragon licks the horses with his big tongue. Here are a few pictures from yesterday.

This is from a few nights ago. We were all playing in the Dora tent. Ella was giving me pieces and I was trying to make a very tall tower.

This is from yesterday morning. Ella let me make a ponytail but of course she took it out a few hours later.

Here is the green dragon with the long tongue. Ella also rides on the blue dragon.

Ella checking out her new friends. She loves these little rubber guys that go on her fingers. The newest one is purple guy.