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Sunday – Giant’s last exhibition game

Monday, March 31st, 2008

Well…starting today, it all counts. It was a good thing that it didn’t count yesterday because the Giants did not win. Helen got luxury suite tickets from her work and took us all to the game yesterday. It was a lot of fun even thought the Giants lost. After the game, the girls ran the bases. A mean usher told Sunny that she couldn’t take any pictures of Ella running the bases, but Sunny did anyway. That’s why the video at the end of the blog is of Ella’s back. Sunny had to sneak! Today is the first game of the season and I hope we get off to a good start.

This was taken before the game while Ella was watching a Dora episode where they were secret agents. She asked us to get her sunglasses so she could be a secret agent too!

Ella giving a fake smile and hugging her Yo Gabba Gabba pals


Does anyone want some cotton candy?

Looks like Ella dug into the blue while Stella prefers purple

Ella and Juliet sharing a tender moment in the luxury suite

A movie of Ella rounding third and heading home…

Ballerina Ella

Sunday, March 30th, 2008

Today we just hung around the house. Ella’s has a pretty bad cold so we didn’t really take her out anywhere. Kate came over for dinner and she was treated to ballerina Ella. Ella danced with a tutu and no shirt. She has added a few new hand movements to her repertoire. She’s super cute.

Ella doing a special finger move. Check out her butterfly tattoos.

Sharing a sweet dance with Kate.

Another attempt at potty training

Saturday, March 29th, 2008

The good news is, we have until September 2 to have Ella totally potty trained. I think this may be a long road. Ella still has a cold so we took it easy today. I took her to the SFMOMA and we walked around and looked at all the beautiful paintings and stuff with the beautiful colors. After the museum, we met mommy over at the carousel. We all had a sweet time. When we came home, we decided that we would put Ella in underwear. We told her that if she had to pee or poop that she just had to tell one of us and we would help her make it to the potty. Today Ella peed twice in her 2 different pair of underwear. Right when she was doing it, she told us that she peed, so that’s progress. We told her that it was just an accident that that it happened to everyone. She didn’t see too upset. Ella was very tired tonight – probably due to her cold and cough. She went to sleep at 8:30. That’s a recent record for Ella.patonhead.jpgHere’s Ella patting me on the head at the carouselhi.jpgWell hi there! Mommy and Ella enjoying a carousel ride

The Oakland Zoo

Friday, March 28th, 2008

Ella has a cold (again) so I decided not to take her to My Gym. It was a pretty decent day, so I took Ella to the Oakland Zoo. Ella has been talking about the zoo a lot and the Oakland Zoo is a sweet zoo that’s good for little ones. When we arrived, we went straight to the petting zoo (Ella loves goats) and then we checked out an alligator, an otter, and some snakes and lizards. Ella then told me that she wanted to see big animals so we went and saw some giraffe, tigers, elephants, monkeys, meerkats, zebras and I’m sure a few others that I can’t remember at the moment. Ella was really terrific and so excited to see all the animals. After the animals, we went to the little rides section and we rode the train and the carousel. On the way back to the car, there was a little park with a hippo tunnel and an elephant slide. Ella played really hard there. There were some other kids there – bigger kids, and Ella held her own. It was cool to watch. Tonight, we ate a great dinner and then Mommy made a huge bowl of popcorn and the three of us watched “Kiki’s Delivery Service”. What a great fun day and night.

Walking down the hallway on the way to the zoo.

Ella brushing a goat that she named Tony.

Kind of cool, kind of terrifying. Here is an underwater shot of a huge alligator with Ella’s beautiful reflection in the window.

Ella in the meerkat tunnel. She was mesmerized by these little creatures.

We watched this giraffe adjust it’s long legs so that it could drink. What beautiful animals.

Here’s the cool elephant slide.

On her way into the hippo tunnel


First visit to the dentist

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

Today, Sunny and I took Ella to the dentist for the first time. The dentist and the dental assistant were great, the office was great, they were so kid friendly. Ella did really well until it was time to have them take a look at her teeth. Ella cried through the whole exam. She was cooperative, opened her mouth, didn’t really struggle, but she kept on crying. They showed us how to really brush her teeth – maybe one day we’ll take a movie of it, but it takes 2 adults. Her teeth looked good – no cavities – the spaces between her teeth are actually good because that means there will be room for her adult teeth. At the end of the appointment, we all took a picture with Dr. James’ dog Chachka. Ella then thanked Dr. James and Remie (the assistant). She left the office with a new toothbrush, stickers, and these animal clickers. She didn’t seem traumatized and she agreed to go back in 6 months. It was a positive experience for all of us.

When Ella was in the bath tonight, I asked her to talk about the visit to the dentist and she did a little bit. Enjoy.

Look at those pearly whites

Fun filled Sunday

Monday, March 24th, 2008

Ella had a sweet morning with Grandma and Papa before they left for the airport. It was a great visit. This morning, grandma was talking to Ella and telling her that they were going back to New Jersey and Ella looked at grandma and papa, wagged her little finger and said, “You are not going back to New Jersey”. This was the first time that she has ever expressed anything like this before. She’s comprehending EVERYTHING! It’s beautiful to see. After my parents left, Sunny took Ella to a park in Bernal Heights where they met Phyllis, Michael and Debbie. They had a great time and Ella played her heart out. After the park, we hung around at home and ended up over at Helen and Ron’s, had a great dinner – baked ziti – thank you Helen, and then we took the girls to the small baseball field and played some T-ball. Well…Juliet was really the star – Ella and Stella ran around the field while Juliet took batting practice. Ella loved holding the bat, she just didn’t want to swing it.

Ella playing with her “guys” at breakfast this morning

Grandma and Ella having a sweet kiss

Look at this love

Grandma, Papa and Ella right before they left for the airport. We love you. We’ll see you in the middle of April!

Ella having a blast on the tire under the love and supervision of Michael, Debbie and Phyllis

Here’s our little athlete in training. Ella is really into hanging from the bars these days.

Beautiful buddies getting ready to play ball.

Stella and Ron on the way to the ballpark

Ron, Ella and Mommy on their way to play some ball. Ella is choosing her bat.

Hmmm…what am I supposed to do with this bat?

Juliet did a great job batting. She didn’t want to leave home plate!

Ella rushing the plate from the pitcher’s mound.

Saturday in pictures

Sunday, March 23rd, 2008

Today started with a walk to the Ferry Building again.

Papa pushing and grandma holding hands

We had lunch at Taylors. Here are grandma and Ella going over the menu.

Ella showing papa what she is going to order.

We walked down to Pier 39 and Ella got to see the sea lions

Ella convinced us that we should all go to the aquarium. Here are Grandma, Ella and Mommy heading towards the aquarium.

Here is papa showing Ella what her courageous Mommy and Grandma are doing…

Here is Mommy touching a baby tiger shark

…and Grandma also touching a baby tiger shark

Ella fell asleep on the way home from the aquarium and when she woke up at home, she wanted to play with her “guys”.

Everyone was playing with the guys.

Look at all the “guys” that papa has on!

We had dinner at Nama and when we came home, Ella and Mommy were having a blast! Check out Ella’s new tattoo from the aquarium.

Ella decided that she wanted to put on her ruby slippers and watch the “Wizard of Oz” and that’s what we did!

Friday with Grandma and Papa

Saturday, March 22nd, 2008

We had a fun filled day today. We started out at Children’s Day School – the school that Ella will be attending in the fall. I wanted to bring grandma and papa there so they could see this amazing place where Ella was going to go to school. Ella did a great job there. She immediately wanted to go to the playground, but there were some kids playing there and I wanted to make sure that it was OK for her to play there. Ella waited patiently while we took a little tour around the garden, farm and pre-school classrooms. Ella walked around, played with some toys, went into a few classrooms and seemed like she was beginning to feel comfortable. We finally hit the playground and Ella climbed up the steps and went on the slide. She went down one of the slides and flew off the slide and landed on her tush. She got up and yelled, “Wipe out!” Then she went back to the top of the slide but this time chose one that went a little slower. She made an announcement from the top of the slide, “Hey guys, I’m not gonna wipe out this time”, and she didn’t. After the slide she went on a big girl swing – her first time going on one alone. After the swing, she told me that she wanted to hang (there was a hanging bar there). It was pretty high, so I held her there for a few seconds and then asked her if I could let go. She shook her head yes and proceeded to hang on all by herself while she was giggling and making some funny noises. The kids at the school were really cute. They asked me if Ella was going to the school. I told one little boy that Ella was going to go to this school next year. He had this eager look on his face and said, “Is she going to be a tadpole?” I told him that I didn’t know which class she was going to be in. He said, “Maybe she will be a tadpole – do you think she will be a tadpole?” I asked him if he was a tadpole and he said “YES”. It was cute.

After Children’s Day School, we took a walk to the Ferry Building, saw the spider statue and had a great lunch. After lunch, we came back and relaxed while Ella took a nap. We had a great little visit from Stella and Juliet who gave Ella a pair of yellow jelly sandals. They both had the same pair. Helen – you are incredible – thank you so much for including Ella in everything! Ella loved the shoes so much that she took off her ballet outfit to put the shoes on. She didn’t take them off until 10:00. We had dinner at Acme and had a great night. Tonight Ella tasted grandma’s fish and exclaimed, “I love shrimp”. We didn’t have the heart to correct her. Now everyone is sleeping except me so I think I’ll sign off.

Walking to Children’s Day School

The middle slide is the one that went a little slower.

Here’s Ella on the big girl swing

Ella hanging from the tall bar

Papa, Ella and Grandma in front of the spider

Grandma teaching Ella some new dance moves

Ballerina Ella, Papa and Muno

Ella with her cool new shoes

Lots of hugs

Friday, March 21st, 2008

Today was a terrific day. Ella and I started our day by going to My Gym. Ella had a blast there. After we left, I asked Ella what she wanted to do for lunch. She took at me and said, ” I want to go to Nordstrom and get mac and cheese and french fries.” We dropped off the car, let the dogs out, and walked downtown. Ella was a little sleepy but she was great company. We actually have conversations. (She’s still wavering between Hillary and Obama but really liked Obama’s speech on race. She felt that it was necessary.) No seriously, she’s just great in every way. After lunch, we saw the fish tank in the shoe department, went to the Lucky Kid store, and then rolled home. Ella fell asleep on the way home, and had a good nap. At around 6:00 we headed over to next door and Helen cooked a beautiful meal. After dinner we all went across the street to Borders and sat on the floor in the kid’s section and read tons of books. Now it’s very late and grandma and papa have just arrived. Ella will be so excited when she wakes up in the morning.

Ella being chased by her buddy Beckett during the maze part of My Gym

And he got her for a BIG HUGGIE (or maybe even a choke hold)

Our 3 girls hanging out, looking out the window and having popsicles

Look at these beauties. There was a lot of love spread around tonight. At one point before dinner, Juliet hugged Ella around her neck from behind and then Stella came behind Juliet and gave her a hug. Of course there was no camera in sight, but it was worth it when Helen and I jumped in and got our hugs in too!

Ella and Juliet trying to chase Stella down the hall to get a big hug. Stella wasn’t interested.

Action shots

Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

Ella had a great day. We went to the carousel, took walks, played, read books and all that other fun stuff. When we came home, Ella was in a great mood and full of energy. She told us that she wanted to paint in the rock garden. We took her outside with some water and paint brushes and away she went. She was painting and then running, and painting and running. She ran from wall to wall, all around the garden. She was laughing and yelling and had a blast. Here are the pictures.painting.jpgHere is Ella the wall painterfocus1.jpgLook at this beautiful little painterdragon.jpgAnd here is the masterpiece – A dragon!run1.jpgAnd she’s off…run2.jpgGo Ella go!run3.jpgShe’s on a missiongoodnight.jpgAfter the bath – polar bear pj’s – ready for bed!