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Amazing summer part 2

Tuesday, September 8th, 2015

So we got home from Anguilla and had some more amazing time with our family and friends.  Here are some pics from the rest of our New Jersey trip…

We went to the New York Botanical Gardens to see the Frida Kahlo exhibit.  It was beautiful and we took a lot of pictures of beautiful flowers but I am not going to post those pics here because there are too many!


That evening, Grandma and Papa treated us to “The King and I”.  It was wonderful…


Now I am going to post a bunch of shots that are all about love and fun!


And now for scenes at Papa’s club…

1-58.jpg1-52.jpg1-51.jpg1-50.jpg 1-49.jpg1-48.jpg1-45.jpg1-46.jpg1-47.jpg

Ella and Milo had some sweet cousin time with Georgia…

1-44.jpg1-43.jpg 1-16.jpg

We all had a great time with Jordin and Twyla…


Had a blast with Nikki B…


Super fun family time in the pool…


Big night out in Leonia…


Ella and Milo took golf lessons…


Ella hung out with Ashley…


She did a lot of diving…(I have so much video that I need to put together)


Took a great picture of the sisters and parents…


Most importantly, spent so much time and shared so much love with Grandma, Papa and Milo…

1-4.jpg1-5.jpg1-6.jpg1-25.jpg1-26.jpg1-27.jpg1-28.jpg1-29.jpg1-30.jpg 1-31.jpg

Dog cousins hanging out one last time for the summer of 2015…


And then we had to go home to SF… we love you guys so much and summers are super special!


Beautiful memories from the summer

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015

We had an amazing summer!  After Ella came back from Camp Winnarainbow, I went to Colorado for a conference and Ella and mommy had a week without me!  Ella went to an ice skating and bowling camp and fell in love with ice skating.  When I got back from Colorado, Ella and I headed to NJ and were met by mommy a week later.  During the first week, we celebrated Milo’s 6th birthday, did a lot of swimming, saw Inside Out again and also saw the Minion Movie.  We had an amazing time in NJ and then headed for Anguilla.  Anguilla was a fantastic trip.  We mostly stayed with KK and then ended our trip at the Frangipani.  Here are pictures from the first week in NJ and our trip to Anguilla.  The rest of the NJ trip and the rest of our summer will follow.

1.jpg Ella, Panda and I on our way to NJ.

2-1.jpg Grandma and Panda watching us catch fireflies.

3-1.jpg Ella and Milo reunited!  They were catching fireflies on the first night.

4-1.jpg Ella made this birthday card for Milo.

5-1.jpgSweet Milo very focused at the Leonia pool.

6-1.jpg Ella was super happy to see her friend Emma again.

7-1.jpg Ella and Papa before Milo’s birthday dinner.

8-1.jpg Happy birthday Milo!

9-1.jpg10-1.jpg11-1.jpgSweet and goofy family photos at Kiku.

12-1.jpg Ella practicing her shot.

13-1.jpg Ella and Emma had a great time together.

14-1.jpg Cousins in the sun!

15-1.jpg Our mermaid.

16-1.jpg Beautiful cousins.

17-1.jpg The Minion movie!

18-1.jpg Milo drying himself off!

19-1.jpg Fun and love on the front yard!

20-1.jpg Chillin at the club!

21-1.jpg6:00 am and we’re on our journey to Anguilla!

22-1.jpg It took Ella about 4 minutes to get comfortable.

23-1.jpg So happy to get some quality time with KK!

24-1.jpg First family ocean shot!

25-1.jpg26-1.jpg We were swimming in the ocean with this beautiful creatures.  I was pretty freaked out by the ray.

27-1.jpg Reading…

28-1.jpg Building sand castles…

29-1.jpg Baking a cake… life is pretty incredible on the island!

30-1.jpg Ella checking out the water while we have lunch.

31-1.jpg32-1.jpg33-1.jpg34-1.jpg35-1.jpg36-1.jpgThis is the life!

37-1.jpg Best family shot EVER!

38-1.jpg39-1.jpg40-1.jpg41-1.jpg 42-1.jpgWe did a dolphin experience.  It was amazing.  I will have to find our disc full of pictures of us with the dolphins and post it.  

43-1.jpgLater on that day we went to Junk’s Hole where we were invaded by seaweed.  Ella wasn’t very happy about the sea weed!

44-1.jpg45-1.jpg We did manage to get a few smiles out of Ella despite the sea weed.

46-1.jpg47-1.jpg49-1.jpg50-1.jpg51-1.jpg52-1.jpg53-1.jpg54-1.jpg Here are some shots from a gorgeous day at Da Vida.  We all tried paddle boarding.  Ella was awesome!

55-1.jpg56-1.jpg57-1.jpg We had a beautiful dinner at Malliouhana with KK.

58-1.jpg We love you Ella!

59-1.jpg Love in Anguilla.

60-1.jpg A view from the pool at Frangipani.

61-1.jpg62-1.jpg Nothing like having a delicious dinner on the beach at Smokey’s and Ella getting to play in the sand.

63-1.jpg63-1.jpg64-1.jpg65-1.jpg66-1.jpg Ella had a fantastic time tubing.


68-1.jpg69-1.jpg Lunch at Blanchards.

70-1.jpgElla and KK taking a dip at Frangipani.

71-1.jpg Attempting the skim board.

73-1.jpg Last day of lounging around for us!


Sending a lantern off into the moonlight.

77-1.jpg Boat ride back to St. Maarten.

78-1.jpg Panda and his buddies.