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An amazing weekend in Disneyland!

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

We went to Disneyland this past weekend to celebrate my birthday and because we wanted to go to Disneyland!  We went with the Kim/Arena clan, Jesse and Heather joined us and so did Emily.  We had such a fantastic weekend.  For anyone who was there who is reading this, it was so great to get to hang out.  This was the first time that Ella was at Disneyland with other kids.  Although she had a great time with the adults, she had such an amazing time being there with Stella, Juliet, KJ and Isaac.  Ella went on some rides she was never on before.  She went on Space Mountain – sat next to Heather and had her head buried in Heather for the whole ride.  She made it through and actually said she liked it!  Ella also went on Indiana Jones for the first time…she has been looking forward to doing this ride for a while.  The last new ride that Ella went on was Splash Mountain.  She did not like it at all and cried from the first big drop to the last one.  She is not interested in going back on that one.  Here are some pics from our weekend.

112.jpg Getting ready to go on the Star Wars ride.

23.jpg On line for Autopia.

33.jpg Ella drove me around on Autopia.  She’s not the greatest driver!

42.jpg Ella right before we blasted off on Space Mountain.

52.jpg Here is a picture of our picture on Space Mountain.  Stella and I were in the front and a very crouched down Ella was next to Heather!

61.jpg Ella and Jesse on Buzz Blasters.

71.jpg Ella and Juliet caught up with Alice who was kind of a jerk.

81.jpg Jesse, Heather and I on Splash Mountain.

91.jpg Ella after Splash Mountain.

101.jpg113.jpg121.jpg131.jpg Jesse and Heather treated us to a very special birthday dinner at Club 33 – a fantastic private restaurant in Disneyland.  It’s wonderful to have friends in high places!  Notice the fancy toilet…

141.jpg Sunny and I on the Cars ride the first time around.

151.jpg Our car raced against Jesse, Ron and the kids.  They beat us!

161.jpg Here’s the “Disney shot” of Sunny and me on Radiator Springs racers.

171.jpg Here’s the Disney shot of Ella’s car.

181.jpg191.jpg Jesse and his posse.  The kids LOVED Jesse and all of the Disney stories that he shared.

20.jpgRadiator Springs second time around.

211.jpg This shot really made Sunny laugh.  Check out my hair.

221.jpg231.jpg Snack break!

24.jpg Ella and Juliet reading the Disneyland newspaper.

25.jpg Heading back in to DCA!

26.jpg Ella is checking off rides from her list.

Birding, bird on shoulder and hanging upside down!

Saturday, May 18th, 2013

Ella is such a joy and pleasure to be around.  Her zest for life is incredible.  This week, her class went bird watching in Dolores Park.  She saw sparrows, crows and robin redbreasts.  She had a lot of fun.  There is a very special bird named Pineapple who was rescued by SFACC a month or so ago.  Ella goes to Becca’s work and visits Pineapple.  Pineapple also came to Ella’s class with Becca last week.  Pineapple is Ella’s new buddy.  Ella has learned some new tricks on the monkey bars.  Take a deep breath Papa – she is now hanging upside down like a bat.  She is very careful when she’s on the monkey bars – not careless and I think we have sufficiently put plenty of fear in her about head and neck injuries.  Love you papa.

111.jpg Ella birding in Dolores Park.

22.jpg Ella and Pineapple.

32.jpgElla the bat.

41.jpg51.jpg I love my students!  I took them to play at a fundraiser on Thursday night.  They had a blast and their music sounded incredible.  I am a lucky teacher.

Jumping and acting

Thursday, May 16th, 2013

We’ve all been so busy, but I wanted to put up 2 videos from the past week.  Ella was in the play Peter Pan and she learned how to do the trampoline a lot better at Juliet’s party.  First, here is an amazing shot of Ella that Ron took.

21.jpg Incredible shot!  Thanks Ron.

The Peter Pan video is about 12 minutes or so.  I just did the songs and the scene that Ella was in.  It’s very cute.  The jumping video is fun and Ron is a special guest star.  Enjoy!

Ella is having a blast

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

From baseball to soccer to monkey bars to the Exploratorium to trampoline birthday parties…Ella is just loving life!  Here are some shots of great times with Ella.

1.jpg Ella and her buddy Rosie going in for the chest bump.

2.jpg31.jpg4.jpg Ella is really enjoying soccer this year and she’s getting pretty good!

5.jpg6.jpg Best friends.

7.jpg8.jpg9.jpg10.jpg11.jpg Ella and Marlowe had a great time at the Exploratorium.  The new place is great!

12.jpg Ella really likes my sunglasses.

13.jpg Cutest catcher in the world.

14.jpg Climbing all the way to the top!

15.jpg I took this shot at around 7:45 on Sunday morning while taking Panda for a walk.  It was something really special to see.

16.jpg17.jpg Ella and Emmi – the birthday girl.

18.jpg19.jpg Ella and her sweet friends Emmi and Marlowe.

Here are 2 videos of Ella in action.  The first is monkey bars backwards and the second is at the House Of Air.