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Spring Break with Grandma and Papa

Friday, April 26th, 2013

Last week, Ella was on spring break and she had a great treat in the middle of the week.  Grandma and papa came to town for an opthalmology conference and Ella stayed with them for a few nights at the St. Regis.  The four of us went to a fantastic baseball game on Friday night and there were beautiful fireworks at the end.  Sunny and I spent a beautiful anniversary day riding bikes, going to see 42 and having a wonderful dinner.  Thank you grandma and papa for being with Ella all day and night.  We loved having you in SF.  Can’t wait for the end of June.  Love you guys.

110.jpg Ella’s latest and greatest self-portrait.

211.jpg Ella is becoming quite the goalie!

311.jpgFriday night movie night!

42.jpg Ella and grandma had so much fun together.  Here is Ella with a little clay nation friend that she made.  Great green penguin!

5a1.jpg Beauty before the game.

52.jpg We had to wait a long time on the security line but it was all worth it.

62.jpg The whole gang!  What a great night.

72.jpg Grandma and papa made it onto the kiss cam.

82.jpg Getting cozy before the fireworks.

9a.jpgNothing like watching a kid watch fireworks.

92.jpg Ella getting ready to go to TaeKwonDo.

102.jpg112.jpg Ella and papa watching the ballgame at dinner.

122.jpg Ella started her knitting class on Monday.  She can’t wait for the next class.

132.jpg Panda really wanted to help Ella do her homework.

The past two weeks

Sunday, April 14th, 2013

Another post to catch up on life with Ella!  Ella has started up with soccer, baseball, had a fund raiser with the rest of the 1st grade classes and raised over $1500.00 to purchase a water tank for an elementary school in Kenya and will begin a knitting class in a week!  Ella also is getting ready to do her Peter Pan play with the musical theatre program that she’s going to.  Ella is having a blast in life and we love to watch!

19.jpg Sing Along Beauty and the Beast with the Kim/Arean clan.

31.jpg41.jpgThe signs that the kids made for the bake sale.

210.jpg51.jpg5a.jpg5b.jpg61.jpg71.jpg It was a great bake sale.  We make some killer rice krispie treats.

81.jpg91.jpg101.jpg111.jpg121.jpg131.jpgElla’s first soccer game of the seasons.  She liked playing goalie.

142.jpg154.jpgHaving lots of fun playing baseball.

Passover part 2

Monday, April 8th, 2013

So much to do!  Here is the next part of Passover.  Tomorrow night, I will post Ella’s fun filled weekend with lots of sports.

20.jpgMommy and Ella with the elephants at the Museum of Natural History.

21.jpg Ella in front of the scariest exhibit in the whale hall.  The sperm whale fighting a giant squid.  We were so afraid of this when we were younger.

22.jpg We met up with Jordin and Twyla and another one of their friends.  Notice how the girls are paying attention and looking at the camera and the boys are just doing their thing!

23.jpg Beautiful cousins.

24.jpgMaybe one day…

25.jpg Mommy kvelling over Ella reading the Four Questions.

26.jpgGeorgia, Bronwen. Ella and Milo after finding the afikomen.  Milo found it!

27.jpg28.jpg Sweet cousins at Fireman’s Park.

29.jpg Doing a little spring cleaning – I found my old brownie uniform!

30.jpg32.jpg Fun at the museum of math.

33.jpgThese two love each other so much.

34.jpg Storytime with AJ.

35.jpgClimbing right up to the sky.

36.jpgElla and Milo had a blast at this playground.

37.jpg Ella loves her papa so much.

38.jpg Hanging out with Milo and Zach.

39.jpg Last chance to touch the sky.  See you in the summer!

Amazing Passover trip

Thursday, April 4th, 2013

ad a fantastic trip back east for Passover.  We loved getting to spend so much time with grandma, papa, AJ and Milo and getting to see other family and friends who we love very much.  I have a lot of pictures, so I’m just going to go along and write some stuff as I post the pictures.

1.jpg2.jpg Ella made an AMAZING charoses this year.  She chopped the apples, added the walnuts, stirred in grape juice and it was perfect!

2a.jpg2b.jpg Getting ready to go see Annie.

3.jpg At Starbucks with grandma before Annie.

4.jpgCrossing the street in crazy Times Square.

5.jpg There’s Annie!

6.jpg We were all so excited to go see Annie.

6a.jpg6b.jpg Happiness.

7.jpg8.jpg Ella on the Annie set and backstage with the actor who plays Rooster Hannigan how is one of AJ’s friends.

9.jpg That night13.jpg we got a sweet visit from Cheryl, Emma and James.  Ella loves these guys.

10.jpg11.jpg12.jpg Beautiful Seder!

13.jpgSo sweet!  Ella found the afikomen on the first night.

14.jpgDaughter/mother dance.

151.jpg Milo took this shot of me.  I think he did a great job.

16.jpg Ella making a thank you note for Ester who knit her a beautiful scarf.

17.jpg Thank you Ester!

18.jpg Dancing cousins.


So much love, so much fun, so much goofiness!  True love.

I will continue this tomorrow.  I am falling asleep and want to make sense!