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Gymnastics Video

Monday, August 27th, 2012

Ella had a fun week at gymnastics camp.  She said that the year before was better – they got to do more things, but she still had a great time.  It was much more crowded this year than it was last year.  The video is of the last day – they were able to go through all the tumbling and jumping and balance beam things.  Ella actually loved the rings (the first shot was taken on Wednesday) and the bars.  She’s getting pretty good at flipping.  This week Ella goes to Wheel Kids – a camp where they ride bikes around Fort Mason and when they get good, they ride around town.

A super fun night at the ballpark

Friday, August 24th, 2012

Doris was in town with her beautiful family this week and we got to see them tonight at the ballgame.  We all had a great time – especially Ella who got to see her buddies from NJ.  To top that, the Giants won!  Here are some pics.

113.jpg Ella waiting for her friends to come.

212.jpg Hanging with Willie.

310.jpg Ella seems to be watching something on the jumbotron.

411.jpg All the beautiful grandchildren…Kara the beautiful daughter and Doris, the beautiful grandma.

55.jpg All the kids loving Ella.

Gymnastics Camp

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

Ella started gymnastics camp this week.  Stella and Juliet are going also.  Ella has been having so much fun with the girls.  Being at camp with each other every day for the past 2 weeks has been a really special time for Ella.  I don’t have any pictures of Ella actually doing gymnastics but I do have some morning shots of Ella in her gymnastics get-ups.  On Friday, I’ll videotape the showcase.

112.jpg211.jpg39.jpg410.jpg Beautiful sleepy faced gymnast!  Ella showed me a few flips on the bars today when I picked her up.  I was impressed.

Dance camp this week

Saturday, August 18th, 2012

Ella was at a dance camp with Stella and Juliet this week.  The kids worked so hard and learned 3 dances.  Here are 2 videos of Ella doing the dances.  The first dance is of Ella’s group, the bears and the second video is the entire group doing a dance.  Enjoy…

Julie and Justin’s wedding

Friday, August 17th, 2012

I’m going back almost a week here.  On Saturday, we went to Julie and Justin’s wedding.  It was at the DeYoung Museum and it was a beautiful ceremony and party.  As we were getting ready for the wedding, Ella said a few funny things.  First, Sunny was getting ready and she was putting on mascara.  Ella told her not to put it on.  Then I was all dressed up and ready to go and Ella said, “Look at you Miss Fancypants”.  I asked her if she liked the way I looked and she said, “Not really”.  I told her to pretend that it was Halloween and that I am going as Miss Fancypants.  I guess Ella loves us just the way we are and she doesn’t like us to “change”.  We had a great time together.  Here are some pics from Saturday.

110.jpg Miss Fancypants and Ella.

210.jpg Mommy mascara, Ella and Miss Fancypants.

31.jpg Outside of the museum in Golden Gate Park.

48.jpg Beautiful backdrop.

54.jpg Here are Emily and sweet KJ.  He was the ring bearer.

610.jpg Stell and Juliet were beautiful flower girls.

76.jpg The happy couple.

81.jpg Ella and her flower girl sisters.

91.jpg Alexis and a bunch of beautiful girls.

101.jpg Ella busy working with glow necklaces.

111.jpg Some serious dancing.

121.jpg Olympic glow rings.

131.jpg141.jpg Ella climbing the structure at the Friends school where she is at dance camp with Stella and Juliet.  They are working really hard this week and tomorrow they have a little performance.  Unfortunately, I have to miss it because I’ll be at work, but Sunny is going and filming it for me.  Can’t wait to post the movies.

Hawaii 2012 Part 2

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

A continuation from last night’s Hawaii blog…

321.jpg Our amazing snorkeler.

35.jpg37.jpg The beach in Poipu.  Ella re-connected with a friend from San Francisco.

38.jpg41.jpg I took Ella out to see these incredible fish  Ella wasn’t thrilled in the ocean here.  It was a little rough.

42.jpg43.jpgMommy and Ella in and out of the water at Tunnels.

46.jpg Fun on the beach!

47.jpg Ella took this shot of us.

49.jpg More turtle fun.

50.jpgElla on her first big snorkeling excursion.

51.jpg Ella and mommy getting reach to check things out.

52.jpg53.jpg What a beautiful snorkeling team!

The next several pictures are ones that I took with the underwater mask camera.

60.jpg61.jpg62.jpg63.jpg64.jpg65.jpg66.jpg Pretty cool huh?  As soon as I get it together, I’m going to post movies of me swimming with a turtle and Sunny swimming in the center of a school of thousands of fish.

67.jpg68.jpg69.jpg Another round of mini-golf…this time with Phyllis and Michael and at night.  There were frogs jumping all over the course!

70.jpg Look closely and you can see the rainbow.

71.jpg Michael shielding the girls from the rainbow rain.

72.jpg Another rainbow!

73.jpg74.jpg75.jpg So sweet at Hanalei Bay!

Hawaii 2012

Monday, August 13th, 2012

We had a wonderful time in Hawaii.  We had 2 weeks of total rest & relaxation in paradise.  We went to the beach, snorkeled, swam with turtles, swam in the pool, went to Hanalei Bay, played mini golf, kayaked, ate Bubba Burgers, hung out with friends and family and just had a fantastic time.  There are a lot of pictures to post so I’ll do a little narrative as we go along.

1.jpg This shot was taken about 4 hours after out plane landed.  We were ready for the pool!

2.jpg Aloha!

3.jpg 8.jpgElla was having an olympic boogie board race with a friend in the pool.

4.jpg5.jpg6.jpg7.jpg Miniature golf in Kauai.  It was a beautiful mini-golf course in a botanical garden.  This was Ella’s first time playing mini-golf and she loved it.

9.jpg Sweet family shot before dinner one night.

10.jpg 11.jpgBuilding a sand castle on Hanalei Bay.

12.jpg Our little mermaid with adult teeth coming in!

13.jpg14.jpg This is a place called Lydgate Park where a man made lagoon was built.  You can see the waves crashing on the rocks.  There are some amazing fish in the lagoon and Ella was able to comfortably snorkel and see lots of fish.

15.jpg Beautiful child.

16.jpg Out one night for some shave ice.

17.jpg18.jpg19.jpg20.jpg21.jpg Here we are on our kayaking adventure.  We made it 2 miles this time!  It was much easier than last year and Ella even rowed a little bit.

25.jpg26.jpg27.jpg28.jpgWe had a great dinner at the Hanalei Dolphin with Auntie Pie, Michael and Grandma Alice.  Phyllis and Michael were in Kauai for 2 weeks and grandma Alice was there for a week.  It was great to get to spend some time together.

22.jpg23.jpg24.jpg29.jpg30.jpg33.jpg34.jpg36.jpg44.jpg45.jpgHere are some great shots of Ella feeding the koi, hanging out on the beach, walking around Hanalei and just being beautiful Ella.

32.jpg Ella did a lit of snorkel practicing in the pool.

OK – I’m getting a little tired and have a lot more pictures to post.  Stay tuned for Hawaii 2012 Part 2 tomorrow.