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This week has flown by!

Saturday, July 9th, 2011

I can’t believe we were in Hawaii a little more than a week ago.  On Tuesday, Ella went to the dentist for her 6 month check up.  Ella is usually really nervous before she goes to the dentist.  This time, she seemed really calm on totally fine with going.  We went in and she began to draw on a blackboard in the waiting room.  When we were called in, she went right to the chair and sat down.  The lady asked her if she wanted to pick a movie, and she asked what her choices were.  She chose Cars.  She was great during the check up.  The good news about her check up is that 6 months ago, the dentist saw a cavity forming.  She gave us fluoride to use every night and said she would check it again in 6 months.  Mommy and Ella have done such a great job brushing that there was no change in the forming cavity.  Great job guys!  We have been spending some great evenings with Stella, Juliet, KJ and Helen.  On Wednesday night, we had Blush, on Thursday night we had Thursday night movie night and watched Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs and tonight we watched Cars.  The girls and KJ have been having a lot of fun together.110.jpg210.jpg Ella drawing away in the waiting room.34.jpg Ella getting her teeth painted.410.jpg The dark purple shows where there’s plaque.  Ella hardly had any.510.jpg Clean white sparkly teeth.64.jpg New sneakers that light up.72.jpg Going for a ride on a beautiful San Francisco day.82.jpgElla wearing one of our friend’s World Series rings.  That bling looks pretty good on Ella.

Weekend in Calistoga

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

On Saturday morning we drove to Calistoga for the July 4th weekend.  One of Ella’s classmates has a family vineyard in Calistoga and every year they invite a bunch of families from school up there for the July 4th weekend.  We had a great time.  Ella had a blast!  While we were there she said, “I love this weekend in Calistoga.  I think I love it more this year than I did last year!”  It’s so cool watching Ella grow up.  I could see how the experience was different for her this year.  She is really growing up socially and intellectually and it’s great to see that when we’re around such a large group of kids.  It was a really sweet weekend full of lots of kids.  We are all very happy to be back in our own beds though.  We “camped out” on their lawn.  There were 13 families in tents all around.  We had air mattresses in our tent and used comforters and pillows and it was nice and cozy, but there’s nothing like your own bed after a weekend “camping”!19.jpg23.jpg33.jpg Ella LOVES swimming!47.jpg Dinner time!5.jpg Sometimes Ella can be a close talker.  Luckily, her friend Luke is used to her!63.jpg Ellal and her friend Fiona hanging out on the tire swing.  Ella spent a lot of time on the tire swing.71.jpg We went to the county fair.  It was about 102 degrees outside.  Ella went on the bumper cars with Tess, one of the older kids who is just wonderful with Ella.81.jpg Ella really wanted to ride this pony.  She said that she loved it but her face is saying maybe she was a little nervous.9.jpg I love this shot of Ella.10.jpg All the kids back at the pool after the county fair.111.jpg Ella and Tess in the pool.121.jpg A brownie on a stick.  Ella was in heaven.131.jpg Ella wasn’t into being a part of the water balloon fight that the kids had, but she loved walking around with her own little pet water balloon.141.jpg The kids were all watching a Charlie Brown 4th Of July special on a giant screen that they put up.151.jpg Mommy pushing Ella on the tire swing.161.jpg We were in beautiful nature this weekend.171.jpg Mommy and Ella hanging out by the pool.181.jpg Ella helping to fill up water balloons.191.jpg Ella swinging on the tire swing with her friend Tessa.201.jpg The whole gang!

Home from an incredible vacation in Kauai

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

We just came home from such a wonderful vacation in Kauai.  We only had the iPad with us and I couldn’t figure out how to do this blog so now I have about 80 photos out of a pillion (Ella’s word) to download here.  I will narrate as I go.  We are going away for the weekend starting tomorrow so I will put in movies and all that stuff sometime next week.1.jpg2.jpg We flew round trip to Hawaii on United miles which meant that we had to fly through Los Angeles and also fly at crazy hours.  The first shot is of Ella at around 5:45 am.  She was such an amazing traveler.  The other shot is of Ella doing a mosaic project on the airplane.3.jpg4.jpg5a.jpg5b.jpg5c.jpg Ella was so excited to go swimming.  This is about 3 hours after we got off the plane.  The weather was a little overcast and rainy for the first few days but that didn’t stop any of us from swimming and having a blast.6.jpg7.jpg8.jpg Ella remembered feeding the koi from last year and woke up at 6:00am the first morning, woke us up and told us that she had to go feed the koi.  She was only 3 1/2 hours early for the 9:30 feeding time.  Ella actually became friends with these 3 other kids from the last picture.  They all live in SF.9a.jpg9b.jpg9c.jpg9d.jpg They have surfing lessons at the hotel and Ella was so excited to try surfing.  She jumped on the board and hung ten!  She was so cute.  Stay tuned for the movie.10a.jpg10b.jpg They also had arts and crafts at the hotel.  Here is Ella making a red and white lei.11.jpg Ella having a poolside lunch with her new friends.  Ella’s driink of choice is an Arnold Palmer.12.jpg12a.jpg12b.jpg12c.jpgElla’s first shave ice of the trip. I’m not sure what flavors she picked, but she loved it!13.jpg Ella and mommy going down the water slide.14.jpg On our way out to a local farmer’s market.15.jpgThis is day 3.  The sun was finally stronger than the rain and we hit Ke’e beach.16.jpg17.jpg18.jpg Here are a few of the fish we saw while we were snorkeling.  The underwater camera was great!19a.jpg19b.jpg19c.jpg19d.jpg Ella and mommy always talk about flying a kite.  They usually aren’t very successful (although the effort is amazing).  Here they are, REALLY flying a kite.  Great job guys.20.jpg20a.jpg Another morning of koi feeding.21.jpg22.jpgHere we are at Hanalei Bay.  After the first day at the beach, Ella complained that the beach had too much sand and that she liked the pool much better.  We told her that we didn’t come all the way to Hawaii to only sit by the pool.  She agreed that she would go to a few more beaches as long as we would hang out by the pool with her.  We got to the beach today and she said that she saw some crab holes and that she didn’t want to see any crabs.  We told her to write them a note.  Here is Ella’s note “NO CRABS”.23a.jpg23b.jpg Ella boogie boarding on Hanalei Bay.  The board has a window on the bottom so you can see what’s going on underneath you.24.jpg Beautiful mommy and beautiful Ella on our way out to dinner.26.jpg We met up with Evan and his family at a sushi restaurant.  Ella had Even’s mom tie her scarf around his head so that they matched.  He’s a sweet boy.25.jpg “Come on in – the water is perfect!”27.jpg Sweet Ella early in the morning getting ready to take on the day.28.jpg29.jpg31.jpg32.jpg I love these underwater shots.  The first group shot is of Ella and her friends Elsa and Rachel.  The next one is with Evan.  The last one was a request by Ella to have her picture taken alone.30.jpg Ella having another longboard lesson.33a.jpg33b.jpg33c.jpg33d.jpg33e.jpg33f.jpg 33g.jpg33h.jpgWe went on a really sweet kayak trip down the Hanalei River.  Ella and I were both a little scared, but Sunny really took charge and made it a beautiful adventure.  Sunny was in the back facing Ella who was in the middle and then I was in the front steering the kayak.  I had enough exercise that day for a week!34a.jpg34b.jpg Shave ice after some hard work.35.jpg Hanging out at dinner with Evan, Rachel and her sister (yes sister) Elsa.36.jpgBeautiful Anini beach.37.jpgWe finally got Ella to play in the sand.  Here is a sandcastle that we were creating.37a.jpg  A long shot of our creation from down the beach.37b.jpg37c.jpg37d.jpg The ominous clouds above the sea.  It was a message for us to get the fuck out of there!38.jpg Mommy took a shot at longboarding.39.jpg Mommy zipped around the pool like nobody’s business.40.jpg Ella on the long board again,40a1.jpg Ella hanging loose with her instructor.41.jpgAnother happy shave ice.42.jpg OUr little teenager.43.jpg Another beautiful night on the compoind.44.jpg Fun in the pool.  This pool was in our back yard.45.jpg Ella so happy and comfortable under water.46.jpg Acting goofy47a.jpg47b.jpg Sensitive mother daughter moment.48.jpg More Koi feeding.49.jpg Sweet Ella.50.jpg Sweet Ella and another shave ice.  Ella’s new friend is munchette.51.jpg Very happy mommy coming in from a great wave.  Go baby go!52.jpg Cute Ella balancing on a big stick of bamboo.53.jpg Prtoecting Ella from the bad waves.54.jpg55.jpg56.jpg Love love love on Hanalei bay.57.jpg Ella and a friendly cooud.58.jpg Brilliant shot taken by Ella.59.jpg PHyllis and mommy – best friends forever.60.jpg Happy Birthday antee pie.61.jpg Bye bye Westin Princeville.62.jpg Back in SF.  11:55 pm.  Smile still on Ella’s face.  It was a fantastic trip and Ella deserves a metal for humoring us.I love you mommy and Ella.  Thanks for the incredible trip.