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A work in progress

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

Tonight after dinner, Ella went to her dry erase board and began another one of her full board works of art.  We only got up to the bee and the flowers, but I photographed her process which is quite beautiful.18.jpg25.jpg35.jpg45.jpg54.jpg64.jpg Beautiful work Ella.  Can’t wait to see what you add tomorrow.  Goodnight beautiful people.

Monday at ballet

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

Ella was in a great mood when I picked her up from Tree Frog Treks.  She told me that she had a great day at school and that she learned about the life cycle of a bee…”egg, larva, pupa and then it’s a bee…then it starts all over again”.  Smart kid – great teacher Ms. Alicia!  Ella is learning so much this year on such a different level.  Ella had a great ballet class – there are only 2 kids in the class.  The growler dropped out.  Ella and the other kid are getting some great instruction from Ms. Laura.  Ella is becoming more and more coordinated as the weeks go by.  Enjoy the video and pictures.17.jpg24.jpg34.jpg44.jpg Fun fun fun!

The weekend

Monday, March 7th, 2011

We had a really busy and full weekend this weekend.  On Saturday morning, Sunny had to do some work with the Giants Community Fund and Ella and I met Nikki B for breakfast at the Crossroads Cafe.  It was great to see her and we had a lot of fun at breakfast.  Ella loves the garden at Crossroads and she runs through it pretending she is a fairy eating nectar from the flowers. After breakfast, we went to the ballpark and met up with Brickelle and her family.  We spent time on trolley, slides and then played around in the little ballpark.  We met back up with Sunny at our place and all had lunch and played a little music.  We all had a great time.  Sunny took Ella to Taekwondo in the afternoon and I baked cookies for our night time event.  On Saturday night, we went over to Ella’s friend Eli’s house for pizza and a movie for the kids and pizza and adult time for us.  Ella had a blast with the boys.  She was running around the house wearing a batman costume and her buddy Eli was wearing a Robin costume.  Ella played hard all night and we love the parents so we had a great night too.  On Sunday, we had a wonderful video chat in the morning with grandma and papa and then we met Debby, Toby and Rachel for brunch.   After brunch, we hung around the house all afternoon (it was rainy and Ella needed some rest) and then tonight we met Aunt Abigail and Uncle Ray for dinner.  We had a sweet dinner and Ella wrote a book during dinner which I will post at the end.  Here are some pictures from the weekend – I didn’t take a lot because we were having so much fun!14.jpg23.jpg33.jpg Ella rode her scooter over to the Crossroads Cafe.  Check out her cool yoga poses on the scooter.43.jpg That’s Ella in the back running to second base in our little t-ball pickup game.53.jpg63.jpg ELla and Brickelle playing on Lou Seal and Brooklyn watching from a distance.73.jpg Ella and mommy heading over to brunch in the rain.82.jpg91.jpg101.jpg112.jpg121.jpg131.jpg So here is her book.  The word “cit” is really kit…When I asked Ella about it she said, “It’s kit – like a took kit or if you want to make kitten short, you can say kit.”141.jpg Here are Ella’s colors.  On this page, we had red, yellow, purple, pink and blue.15.jpg Green, orange, black and white.16.jpg Gray, brown, peach and magenta

Love and piano

Saturday, March 5th, 2011

I think I waited too long to write this after taking my ambien so I”ll make this very short.  The video below is of Ella’s piano lesson today.  She did the twinkle duet with me and then learned Ode to Joy!  Ella is truly fantastic.  Here are a few pictures that AJ sent me.  Beautiful shots of Ella, papa and Milo.  Check Ella’s finger in the last shot.  We watched the Bee movie tonight because Ella is learning about and studying bees in class.  Ella is going to have a few more questions to ask Ms. Alicia about Bees on Monday.  Here are the pictures before I fall asleep.13.jpg22.jpg32.jpg Nice finger big cuz!42.jpg52.jpg happiness after school on Thursday.  Alicia gave Ella a very special hair style that Ella loved.62.jpg Talking to papa on the phone after school.72.jpg My little serious student.81.jpg My little goofy piano student.111.jpgSweet Towby hanging out with Lou Seal.

The past few days

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

Here are some pictures of Ella during the past few days.  She has been having a blast and loving life.  The video at the end is from the Taekwondo class on Saturday.12.jpg Ella on the way out to dinner on Tuesday night.21.jpg We are all so excited for baseball to start again.31.jpg Our little harmonica playing astronaut.41.jpg51.jpg61.jpg71.jpg Tonight we had a little yogurt party in the lobby.  Even Towby had yogurt.  The girls had a lot of fun on their Wednesday afternoon playdate…we decided to continue it into the night.

Back to our old schedule

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

We had a wonderful week full of love and a lot of fun.  Ella spent most of the day on Sunday with Stella and Juliet.  They were away for part of the break and then we were all so busy that Ella didn’t get her time with the Kim/Arena sisters.  Sunday made up for lost time – Ella had a fantastic day on Sunday.  On Sunday night when Ella was falling asleep she told me that she was really happy that she was going back to school.  I love it that she loves school so much.  The first thing that Ella did when we entered the classroom this morning was run up to Ms. Alicia and give her a big hug!  Ella was very excited that she was able to touch a “nice” chicken today during farm and garden and that she planted a seed for a tomato plant.  After school during tree frog treks, Ella touched a bearded dragon and made a flying machine that she was really proud of.  Ballet was great – there were only 2 of them in the class and they were both really focused and into it.  The growler was absent.  After dinner tonight, Stella, Juliet, KJ and Helen came over.   The girls and KJ were hula hooping.  There is some pretty funny hula hoop footage at the end of the ballet video.1.jpg A hug and kiss for papa before he left on Sunday morning.2.jpgBig smiles – big love.3.jpg Beautiful cousins.  I can’t wait to watch these two grow up together.4.jpg4a.jpg4b.jpg5.jpg6.jpg Here are some photos from ballet today.  Ella loved it that they used the barre.7.jpgStella and Juliet decided that they were going to do the hula hoop at the same time.  Notice KJ doing his own hula hooping and Ella and Sunny cracking up.8.jpg Sunny was really cracking up!9.jpg KJ really wanted to be a part of the fun.10.jpg Ella has this hysterical way to hula hoop.  She puts her arms in the air.  Watch the video.11.jpg Ella’s latest/greatest creation.  The sweet hand in the photo is Stella’s…she was adding a flower.