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Too much fun!

Monday, January 17th, 2011

So Ella’s fantastic weekend started at the Kim/Arena’s house on Friday night… on Saturday, Ella went to Taekwondo and then went to Brickelle’s for a sleep over.  Ella was so excited about sleeping at Brickelle’s house.  She even told her Taekwondo teacher about it!  Ella and Brickelle had a blast and thanks to Akilah, I have lots of photos to post.  The report from the Bixler house was that the kids were great –  they went to sleep at around 10:00 and woke up at 5:15!  That’s way too early!  Ella kind of struggled through the day today because she was so tired but we had a really nice brunch with Julie and Gilana and then had some serious hallway playing with KJ, Stella and Juliet.  Tomorrow we are going to the zoo with the Kim/Arena clan.  Ella is excited to hang with her buddies and to see the wandering peacocks.113.jpg Before Taekwondo, Ella was packing her Hannah Montana backpack.211.jpg Beautiful little toughie.310.jpg49.jpg58.jpg66.jpg74.jpg Ella is not as aggressive throwing punches as she is with her kicks.  She had a blast in class.84.jpg Pure happiness.  Somehow, Ella got lip gloss on her eye lids and her cheeks.92.jpg Ella loves Brickelle so much that she actually let her take her braids out!102.jpg Costume change!114.jpg Ella and Brickelle very early this morning.  They both look so happy.121.jpg Skateboarding Tiana.131.jpg Teeth brushing in the morning.141.jpg Bak at home with incredible focus on 7 hours of sleep.151.jpg161.jpg171.jpgAt Crossroads with sweet Gilana.

Piano lessons

Saturday, January 15th, 2011

First of all, Ella is still lice free.  Alicia did not find anything in her head this morning.  Ella greeted a very clean Ann this morning.  Thanks for taking such great care of Ella and Ann, Alicia!  You’re the best.  Today after school, I gave Ella her second piano lesson.  It’s been really great teaching Ella and Juliet.  Since I am very serious about teaching Juliet and am trying to figure out the best ways to really get her ready to play and enjoy it, I have the same amount of commitment to teaching Ella.  Both Juliet and Ella are doing a great job and they are both succeeding in working with me as their “teacher” and not Juliet’s buddy or Ella’s mama.  So far, it’s working out really well. I can’t wait to take them to the next level.  Ella did a great job today in her lesson.  She can play Mary Had A Little Lamb by reading the finger numbers that I wrote in her book, and she can identify the keys on the piano.  I am also having both of them go up and down from C – G and back several times in a row hands separate and hands together.  I filmed Ella’s lesson a little bit and I am putting it at the end of this post.  She has amazing focus.  After the lesson, Ella took a shower and headed over to the Kim/Arena’s house.  She was so happy to spend the night over there, watching movies, eating popcorn etc.  Sunny and I went out to dinner with Donna and Nikki B. It was great to see them.  Helen and Ron overheard the girls talking and plotting to get Ella to sleep over…”what if your parents forget about you?  then you can sleep here”.  We came home at around 9:20 and Ella and Juliet were curled up next to each other sleeping on a mattress on the floor.  They looked so sweet.  I picked up Ella and took her home.  We have to have the girls sleep here one night.  Thanks Helen and Ron for taking such great care of Ella.112.jpg The beginning of another head check.  Ella loves Alicia so much that she doesn’t make a peep when Alicia is going through her hair.  She also doesn’t care about how tight her ponytail/bun thing is!  If I did it, I would be screamed at.  When you got it, you got it.210.jpg39.jpg48.jpg Our little piano player.

Growing up

Friday, January 14th, 2011

There was a confirmed case of lice in Ella’s class which meant that Alicia had to bag up and wash all the napping blankets and stuffed animals.  Since Ann (the hippo) comes back and forth from school every day, she had to get washed in the second round.  When I picked Ella up today, Ann was still in the dryer and wasn’t ready for us to take her home.  I asked Ella if it was ok with her that we left Ann at school at night and that she would sleep with her other Ann tonight.  Ella looked at me and said, “OOOKKK”.  What progress!  Ella was in a really good mood after school.   Ella and I had a nutella and strawberry crepe and then came home and hung out.  Ella is hanging out with the girls and boys next door tomorrow night and then on Saturday night, she has a sleepover with Brickelle.  I don’t know if she’s going to be able to wait until Saturday!  Ella is a happy kid.111.jpg29.jpg Ella in class this morning with her special Alicia anti-lice do.38.jpg47.jpg Playing around with the beach ball this afternoon.57.jpg Concentration!65.jpg I took this from the Leaping Lizard blog.  I thought this was terrific and it’s true as far as I know!

Head check time!

Thursday, January 13th, 2011

I guess it’s lice season here in SF or at least it’s lice season at Ella’s school.  Alicia has been checking heads for the last 2 days.  So far Ella doesn’t have any but ya never know.  Just thinking about it makes my head itchy.  Wednesdays after school are really special for Ella. Stella comes over to our house to hang with Ella.  Ella took an early shower today so that she would have a full hour with Stella.  Juliet also came over after the lesson so all three of them got to play today.  I overheard them reenacting a scene from the Madeline movie.  Too cute.110.jpg28.jpg Ella getting her head checked by the multi-talented Alicia this morning.37.jpg Ella was just finishing up telling her classmate that she had a short sleeve shirt on under her long sleeve shirt.  For some reason, Ella thought that was so cool.46.jpg56.jpg Ella was showing me a little routine that they do with Spanish commands.64.jpg Ella’s window art.73.jpg Practicing upper case and lower case letters.

Back to ballet

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

Today was Ella’s first ballet class in 3 weeks.  She was so happy to be back and she had a fantastic time.  They are having a little performance in 2 weeks and the kids were learning little parts.  Ella is the leader in the skipping part.  The video is really cute.  Ella is super focused.19.jpg27.jpg36.jpg45.jpg55.jpg Our beautiful little ballerina.

Academy of Science and piano lesson

Monday, January 10th, 2011

We went to the Academy of Science today and had a really fun time.  We started in this igloo house thing and learned about the arctic and then spent a lot of time downstairs in the aquarium part.  We finally went to the planetarium and saw the latest movie in the dome.  Ella was a little nervous – she held both of our hands during the film.  I got a little freaked out because I started thinking about when the earth will not exist.  It’s all too much to think about as far as I’m concerned.  We stayed in tonight – before dinner I gave Ella her first piano lesson.  I started teaching Juliet last week and Ella really wanted a lesson too.  We planned hers for Friday but then she had a lot of plans with friends.  Tonight, Ella asked for her lesson.  She did a fantastic job.  Ella was so focused and really seemed to understand what I was teaching her.18.jpg Ella and her new Hannah Montana shades.26.jpg Helping us take the recycling downstairs.35.jpg Ella and mommy under water.44.jpg Ella touching some starfish and sea urchins.54.jpg63.jpg Ella bumped into one of her classmates Rosie and they hung out in front of the big glass wall.72.jpg Ella doing some tricks with her new orange furry friend.82.jpg91.jpg101.jpg Ella’s first piano lesson.

A very cold Saturday

Sunday, January 9th, 2011

I was gone all morning doing volunteer work at Ella’s school.  Sunny and Ella met up with the Kim/Arenas for a bike ride and lunch at Maria’s.  It was super cold outside today but the kids had fun playing around at the little park behind the ballpark.  Ella had Taekwondo today – first week back from a 2 week break.  Ella did a great job and towards the end of the class, one of the teachers asked Ella to show her group how to do an axe kick.  If Ella sticks with this, she can be really great at it!  Tonight we had dinner with Debby and Toby at Nama and then they came back here and watched Despicable Me with Ella.  Ella loves those little yellow guys in the movie.  She speaks their “language” around the house.  It’s kind of cute and kind of annoying.17.jpg Happy Ella getting the sillies out.25.jpg Ella and her new assistant instructor.34.jpg A little meditation at the end of class.43.jpg53.jpg Getting ready to go out in the cold.

Fantastic Friday for Ella

Saturday, January 8th, 2011

Ella woke up early this morning on her own.  We knew she would wake up super excited but for Ella to wake up on her own on a school day is a big deal.  She ran into our room with a big smile on her face and she said she was so excited for school and then her playdate with Brickelle and then a night with Stella and Juliet.  What a lover of life!  Ella had a great day and lots of fun at the playhouse place.  Tonight with Stella, Juliet and KJ was a blast.  We all watched Madeline and had brownies and popcorn. Helen and Ron –  now you guys know that you can go out whenever you want – we got it covered!16.jpg Ella and Casi after assembly today.24.jpg33.jpg Ella and Brickelle after school – so happy!  Thay have such a special friendship.42.jpg A little skee ball.52.jpg Riding on a car and reading magazines.62.jpg Ella helping Juliet button her pajamas.71.jpg The girls in their movie positions.  So happy that Ella has sisters next door.81.jpg Sweet KJ was so much fun tonight.

Ella’s nose is much better

Friday, January 7th, 2011

Just in case anyone is wondering about the impetigo…Ella is much better.  The impetigo is gone and now Ella just has a scab where it was.  Tomorrow morning is the last morning for her antibiotics.  We switched from bactroban to neosporin and it seems to be helping the healing.  Ella has had a great week at school and is really happy to be back.  Tomorrow afternoon, Ella has a playdate with Brickelle at this playhouse place in Daly City and then Stella, Juliet and KJ are coming over for movie night.   I don’t think Ella is going to be able to concentrate in school tomorrow.  She’s bursting with excitement.15.jpg Ella working on a big pile of Chanukah thank you notes.

Happy kid back at school

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

Ella got up right away when I woke her up this morning.  She was super sleepy but very excited to go back.  Her nose looks so much better but it still looks pretty raw.  Ella went into the classroom and gave Alicia a huge hug.  Next she yelled for her buddy Emmi and then her fun day began.  Ella got to see Brickelle outside at around 10:00 and that totally made her day.  It’s so wonderful to see Ella in a place where she loves so many people and so many people love her.  On the car ride home, she was talking about one of her friends and she said that sometimes she didn’t like to hang out with her.  I asked her why and she said it was because the kid said that Hannah Montana was gross.  “The thing is,” Ella said, “she doesn’t even know about Hannah Montana and I don’t appreciate that”.  I told Ella that everyone is entitled to have their feelings about things and that hopefully she’ll be able to talk to her friend about this the next time it comes up.  Ella was pretty tired after school.  Ella’s new favorite book arrived yesterday.  At the end of this entry, she is giving a little synopsis of the book.  It’s very cute.14.jpgElla putting our project from yesterday up on the window.23.jpgVery happy kid.32.jpg Oh no – Ella is a little hooked on Angry Birds.