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Hope everything goes well grandma

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

Tomorrow grandma is having rotator cuff surgery.  We love you and hope everything goes well.  Be patient with your recovery!  Here are some shots and a video from ballet today.  Ella had a blast – she loved her all black outfit.  She said that she was a black cat.  Papa – check out the side galloping circle in the beginning of the video…there is no way that you would be allowed to do that!137.jpg222.jpg318.jpg419.jpg519.jpg617.jpg713.jpg Final shot in the hallway…grand jete with  Ann!811.jpg912.jpg Ella and another new pair of Hannah Montana pajamas from Auntie Pie.

A beautiful day full of family

Sunday, November 28th, 2010

Today was a great day.  In the morning, we went over to Phyllis’ house so that we could spend some time with her mom, grandma Alice and her sister and brother in law before they headed back to LA.  Alice is 93 years old is as sharp as a whip.  She is an amazing inspiration to make you want to live a long beautiful life.  After Phyllis’ house, we headed over to Debby and Toby’s to celebrate Rachel’s 21st birthday.  Rachel was in town for the long weekend from Sarah Lawernce College.  It was great to see all of them and get to spend some time together.  Ella really loves Rachel and you can tell how special she feels hanging out with a “big” girl.  After Debby and Toby’s we came back here and spent the rest of the day here just hanging out, doing puzzles, teaching my mom how to use her iPad etc…We had dinner at Public House again and grandma and papa have to leave in the morning.  We love you guys – we will miss you – can’t wait to see you in about 3 weeks.136.jpg Beautiful Ella and beautiful grandma Alice.220.jpg Ella at Rachel’s party.  Ella fit right into the party.317.jpg Ella helped Rachel blow out the candles…they were those kind of candles that keep re-lighting.  Ella thought that was pretty cool.418.jpg Ella introducing papa to Luca – her lizard that she made at tree frog trecks.518.jpg Pure happiness and love.616.jpg Love, love love.712.jpg 2 happy grandparents and one happy crazy grand daughter.

A wonderful relaxing weekend

Saturday, November 27th, 2010

We have had a great Thanksgiving weekend so far.  On Thursday, we went on a walk/bike ride and then made it down to Pier 39 for a great lunch/dinner at the Crab House.  After the Crab House, we went downtown to see Tangled.  We saw it in XD 3-D.  Not sure how necessary any of the D’s were, but it was a really sweet movie.  Ella loved it.  She laughed out loud a lot and was not scared in the “scary” scenes at all!  It was great for us all to experience the movie with her.  Today we had an easy morning and then we went to a bike store on Valencia and grandma and papa got a new bicycle for Ella for her birthday.  Ella was so lucky to get a great bike from Juliet, but then she outgrew it.  She picked her new bike out all by herself and then picked out the accessories.  Of course we had to go on another bike ride/walk when we got home, so Ella could test out her new bike.  Tonight we had dinner at Nama.  We all laughed a lot.  It’s been really great having grandma and papa here and having mommy home and not working.130.jpg Ella’s last ride on her old bike.  Check out her new cool helmet.219.jpg Hanging with Lou Seal.316.jpg417.jpg Ella having fun in the park by our house.517.jpg Guess what we just saw?!615.jpg Mommy and Ella holding up the HUGE beach ball in the movie theater.710.jpg Sweet Ella.810.jpg Ella and her new bike – poppin’ a wheelie.911.jpg Getting the tires filled up.9a.jpg Cruisin’ down Valencia on her new tricked out bike.107.jpg Ella playing around at the sand volleyball court.1112.jpg1210.jpg Playing hangman with grandma at Nama.135.jpg Sweet and fun moments with papa.145.jpg Heading home.

Happy Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

Today was the beginning of Ella’s Thanksgiving break.  My parents flew in last night and came to Grandparent and Special Friends day at Ella’s school.  This year is their third year attending and from observing Ella and my parents, it was a totally different experience.  Ella was interactive in the class activity, she showed my parents around every corner of the room, describing what she did there and she pointed out her artwork and classwork on the walls.  We left and had lunch at Nordstrom.  We came home and hung out at the house – Ella, grandma and papa watched Finding Nemo and then the 5 of us went to the Public House for dinner.  It was a great day and night.  So happy to have grandma and papa here!  Tomorrow we are going to hang out here in the morning, watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade, have a late lunch/early dinner, and then go see Tangled.  I hope that you all have a beautiful Thanksgiving and that we can all reach out and help people who may not be as fortunate as we are.  Even a smile makes a difference!129.jpg218.jpg Grandma and Ella were playing Spanish Bingo!  I think grandma was making sure that Ms. Gladys wasn’t cheating!315.jpg A shot of the whole class playing Bingo.416.jpg Ella showing grandma and papa some of her work on the walls.516.jpg Ella showing grandma and papa some more of her work.614.jpg79.jpg THe traditional walking shots.

Our beautiful little ballerina

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

Ballet class was sweet today.  There were only 4 girls in the class and the regular teacher, Laura is taking off for a month because she’s on tour with The Nutcracker. For the next 4 weeks, Ella has Miss Alice who was her teacher last year, so the transition from Miss Laura to Miss Alice was very smooth and easy.128.jpg This was taken before ballet today.  It was pretty cold out and we had to break out Ella’s real winter coat!217.jpg314.jpg415.jpg515.jpg

Bowling playdate

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

Last year, right after Ella’s birthday, Stella, Juliet and Ella got dressed up in their princess dresses and went bowling.  Ella told us that she wanted to do that again this year and to also invite Brickelle.  Instead of wearing her princess dress, Ella decided to wear her Hannah Montana costume.  Brickelle wore a Tiana dress and Stella and Juliet looked beautiful dressed like normal kids.  It was great because KJ and Brooklyn also came so we had a whole clan at the bowling alley and then at Mo’s afterwards.  This was the first time that Ella had a private playdate with Stella, Juliet and Brickelle – three of her favorite people.  They were all really sweet together and it was great.  When we were driving home, Ella said, “This was the best day ever!”  So happy it worked out and that everyone had fun.126.jpg ELla on her way down to the car.  Her red cowboy boots finally fit her!216.jpg Ella, Juliet and Brickelle getting ready to bowl!313.jpg High fiving Stella.414.jpg I think Ella’s ball weighed one pound more than mine.  ELla also almost beat me!  It wasn’t my best bowling game but I had so much fun!514.jpg ELla put the ball on the ground and rolled it down the alley at first.613.jpg Stella had a pretty good throwing technique.78.jpg Brickelle was more of a gentle roller.89.jpg Concentrating on the roll.910.jpg Two cute kids in their crazy costumes.106.jpg Pretty great shots consicering that we’re working with 6 kids who are pretty hungry!1111.jpg An early dinner.127.jpg134.jpg THe girls having fun with their Hannah Montana disco balls.144.jpg KJ!!!!!154.jpg TIme to say goodnight.164.jpg More saying goodnight.173.jpg Checking out the emply skating rink.182.jpg192.jpg THe perfect Hannah Montana outfit including the sneakers that Ella got from the Kim/Arenas.  She LOVES her new sneakers.

Lots of things to do!

Sunday, November 21st, 2010

We started today off at a pizza party for the Black Widows (the soccer team that Ella is on).  Although their last game was cancelled, the team still got together at a pizza place by Golden Gate Park and celebrated a great season.  The girls got medals and all had a fun time.  Ella had her TaeKwonDo class this afternoon.  I didn’t go to the class but Sunny said that Ella did a great job.  Sunny and Ella made some sugar cookies when they came home.  Tonight, we had dinner with Hannah, Max and Ilene.  There was a huge rain/thunder/lightning storm tonight.  We ate at Amici’s.  Ella had fun running in the rain.  They came back here after dinner and the kids played together.  What a full beautiful day.  I forgot to mention yesterday, Sunny and I had a great parent/teacher meeting with Alicia and her team.  Ella is doing incredibly well at school.  We are so happy that she is a 3 year pre-schooler and has been with Alicia for 3 years.  I feel like we dropped off a baby at the school 2 years ago and now in her third year, she’s a solid, confident wonderful kid.1a2.jpg Ella and Emmi at the pizza party.2a1.jpg Most of the incredible Black Widows and their fantastic coaches.124.jpg215.jpg312.jpg413.jpg513.jpg612.jpg77.jpg Practicing at home before class.88.jpg99.jpg105.jpg Making sugar cookies.1110.jpg The nudnik family getting ready to go out in the rain.125.jpg Running in crazy weather.133.jpg Standing up crayons at Amici’s with Hannah and Max.143.jpg153.jpg Ella and Max are really sweet together.  Check out Ella’s crossed legs.  They were doing a hidden object search.163.jpg Playing the Toy Story alien game.

Super successful sleepover

Saturday, November 20th, 2010

Ella had a great time at the sleepover and we didn’t pick her up until 2:00 today!  Today after they woke up and had breakfast, Kristen (Emmi’s mom) took Emmi, Sadie (Emmi’s older sister) and Ella to this place in Daly City that has a huge indoor climbing and sliding structure.  When we picked up Ella, she was exhausted and I think she just wanted to stay forever but when we told her that we had to go, she went crazy!  The girls were also watching Hannah Montana on TV and Ella just wasn’t having it.  Unfortunately, Ella left her amazing sleepover kicking and screaming.  She was nuts in the car and then after about 5 minutes, she passed out.  Ella slept from about 2:30 – 5:00.  She must have been playing so hard with the girls.1a1.jpg2a.jpg Kristen sent us these pictures last night.  The girls all made their own pizzas.  I guess Ella has been watching the guys at Amici’s make their pizzas really closely because she made a hell of a pizza.  We were so happy that Ella had a great time.120.jpg214.jpg Phyllis came over for dinner tonight and dropped off some birthday presents for Ella.  When Ella saw these Hannah Montana pajamas, she threw herself on the ground and then she got up, ran to Towby’s bed, put the bed over her head, screamed and I don’t even remember what happened next.  She loves her new pajamas a lot.

Great trip to dentist

Friday, November 19th, 2010

Ella had a great trip to the dentist today.  She was a little nervous but she hung in there and made is successfully through x-rays, a deep cleaning and a fluoride treatment.  For the first time, Ella was in the exam chair by herself – not on our laps.  At the end of the appointment she told me that she was older and that she didn’t need to be on our lap.  I thought that was great.  After the dentist, we went home, had lunch, took Towby for a walk and then went to her swimming lesson.  I haven’t been to a lesson in a while and Ella’s progress is incredible.  I filmed some of the lesson but this lifeguard told me that I couldn’t film.  I still did it but not with the determination that I would have if he didn’t come and talk to me.  After the swimming lesson, I took Ella over to her friend Emmi’s house.  Emmi is one of Ella’s friends from school and tonight, Ella is sleeping at her house.  This is the first time that Ella has slept over one of her school friend’s houses.  As soon as we got there, Ella was pretty much like, “See ya mama.”  It was so fantastic to see her so happy and comfortable and excited.  I’ll fill you in more about it tomorrow afternoon when we pick her up.  I have a few pictures from today and then a movie that I made of Ella at ballet on Monday and her swimming lesson today.119.jpg213.jpg Ella this morning at breakfast at the Crossroads Cafe.  Ella loves the garden there and usually runs around pretending that she is Tinkerbell.310.jpg412.jpg Hanging out in the exam chair.  Ella was watching Shrek 2 on the TV.512.jpg Getting dry after her swimming lesson.

Going to the dentist tomorrow

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Ella has her 6 month check up tomorrow.  She is usually really nervous and resistant about going to the dentist but this time she’s totally fine about it.  We’ll see what happens tomorrow, but I think it’s going to be a good visit.  She’s looking forward to getting presents from the treasure chest.  It’s funny, ever since her birthday, Ella has been acting a little older.  I love watching her evolution.118.jpg Morning hug.212.jpg Heather gave Ella this Hannah Montana snuggie.  Ella decided to wear it backwards.  She just can’t get over all the Hannah Montana stuff that she scored from Heather.  Thank you Heather.  You made Ella so happy!