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Giants/baseball day at school

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Today’s day was Giants day and Ella was very excited to wear her jersey.  She’s having fun with the themes this week and it has been easier to get her up and dressed.  Grandma and papa are coming tomorrow night and Ella is so excited!  Their relationship is a beautiful thing.  So much love.125.jpg On the way to school in her Giants jersey.213.jpg Ella looking and listening on as one of the Leaping Lizard dads reads his daughter a book this morning.

Twin day at school and building a chair

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

Today was “twin day” at school.  We weren’t going to do anything for today…but we received an e-mail last night from one of the moms who is a coach of the T-ball team and asked if any of us would send our kids to school in the T-ball t-shirt so her son would  have a twin or maybe even a triplet, quadruplet… We asked Ella if she wanted to wear her T-ball shirt and she wanted to so we did it.  Sunny bought me a very cool desk chair for my birthday and it arrived yesterday so I got my birthday present early.  Ella saw it yesterday, in a few parts and was very interested in putting it together.  Tonight, Ella and I put the chair together.  She was really into it – totally focused, really listened when I showed her how to read the instructions and organize all the pieces.  It was very cool and she helped a lot.  The chair is fantastic.  Thank you Sunny.  I love you.  Here are today’s photos.120.jpg Ella and Ann in the elevator on the way to school this morning.212.jpg Ella and her buddies Ethan and James right after washing their hands at school this morning.312.jpg Ella and her buddies Dillon and Clark.  Looks like Dillon was trying to flash a gang sign…maybe the upside down bunny gang.410.jpg Ella helping me put on the wheels of my new chair.58.jpg Tightening the screws with an allen wrench.67.jpg Of course all Ella wanted to do was spin around on the chair.76.jpg Here is my new chair!  What a beautiful chair.  I love it!

Crazy hat day at CDS

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

It’s “spirit week” at CDS.  I think it’s a way for the middle school kids to have some fun at the end of school.  The whole school is included in the week of themes.  Today was crazy hair/crazy hat day.  Ella decided to wear her sequin hat.  She loved wearing it in the car and into the classroom but I think she was fooling around with the hat too much so she didn’t wear it for the whole day. She seemed cool with that.  When I went into the classroom, there were a lot of kids looking really cute with funny hair and great hats.  Stay tuned for the rest of the week.  Today in the classroom, Ella showed me the silkworms.  So far about 5 have spun themselves into cocoons.  It’s really cool.  There is a little of that on the video.  Ella did a great job at ballet but I haven’t made the movie yet.  Here is a little sweet movie from this morning.

Another fun and busy weekend

Monday, May 17th, 2010

On Friday night, I went to a friend’s retirement party and Sunny and Ella did the usual Friday stuff…t-ball practice, dinner at Pasta Pomodoro and Friday night movie night.  They watched Mary Poppins and had a great night.  On Saturday, Sunny went to see Hannah graduate from Mills College in the morning and then picked Ella and I up to go to a sweet party in a beautiful Oakland park to celebrate Hannah’s graduation.  It was a lot of fun and one of the highlights was a huge orange dinosaur piñata.  Ella really tried hard to open it up, but she’s too much of a little lover.  On Saturday night, Sunny and I went out to see an opera and Toby stayed with Ella.  They had a great time together and watched Mary Poppins for the second time this weekend.  Today, we met up with Brickelle and we waited on line at the ballpark to get a Willie Mays bobblehead.  After that, we came home, hung out, and then went to watch the game.  The girls had a blast at the game and the Giants won so it was great all around.  We met up with Brickelle’s parents and little brother after the game and had an early dinner at Mijita.  After dinner, Ella and I went over to Stella and Juliet’s house to spend some time with them.  They were away for the weekend and Ella was missing them.  OK – now time for a very busy work week for both of us.118.jpg211.jpg311.jpg49.jpg Check out Ella and that huge stick – it was bigger than Ella!  It was a really fun party.57.jpg Ella and Brickelle before the game.66.jpg Walking up the ramp.75.jpg Ella is every serious about her sunflower seeds.84.jpg Brickelle showing Ella her blue cotton candy tongue.95.jpg Ella looking a little too cute in her hat.105.jpg What a smile.119.jpg Smiling away and they don’t even have a clue that the Giants were about to win.124.jpg Coming home from the game.

Beginning stages of reading and writing

Friday, May 14th, 2010

Ella’s mood is so different than it was last week.  She is a joy to be with, really hasn’t cried at all, she’s been incredibly reasonable and so loving – not needy.  Who knows what was going on with her…but we are sure happy to have her back.  Whenever I pick up Ella from school, we go to her classroom, get her lunchbox, jacket, Ann and then she hands me all these little pieces of paper with staples or tape or cut with fancy scissors.  Sometimes the paper has scribbling on it and she tells me that it’s homework, sometimes it says “Mommy, Ella, Love” or “Mama Ella Love”.  Today she handed me this black folded and stapled piece of paper.  She told me that she wrote a rhyming book.  I have to admit that I thought it was going to be another one of those scribble things but instead, she gave me this.117.jpg210.jpgCat, bat, rat, fat, jet, met.  She said that she did this all by herself.  I think it’s terrific!  Ella’s class been reading rhyming books each day so maybe this inspired her.  Whatever it was, way to go Ella!Ella decided after her shower at 6:00 that she wanted to stay home for dinner so she put on her nightgown.  I guess that sealed the deal – no going out.  Ella played around the house – she’s been really physical lately, climbing, jumping, playing with the basketball, baseballs…I got these shots of her jumping off the bench.310.jpg48.jpg56.jpg After jumping and dinner, Sunny went out and got Ella some Blush – cookies and cream.  She loved it and was sleeping by 8:50.65.jpg


Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

I made a ballet movie tonight…combined last week’s class and this week’s class.  I think after Tutu Camp this summer (Ella is going for a week), Ella is going to take a break from ballet.  She clearly has a fun time but I think there are more activities to explore like karate or gymnastics.  Not much to report today.  Ella said she had a great day at school.  Tonight Ella balanced a spoon on her nose and said, “Look at what I’m doing.  I am really talented.”  She is very funny.

Monday, monday…

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

Ella had a great Monday.  She actually fell asleep at 9:00 on Sunday night which gave her a good 10 hours of sleep.  That’s a lot for Ella lately.  Ella told me that she loved farm and garden today at school.  She said that she shoveled, raked, found a roly poly and fed it to one of the chickens.  After school was ballet – Ella had a blast.  I realized tonight that I never made last week’s movie and I am way too tired to make one tonight.  Photos will have to do.  On the way home, we picked up Nikki B who is in town from NYC.  Ella was really happy to see her.  We came home and the new Ann arrived.  We said goodbye to the old Ann and sent her to the hippo barf swamp (the garbage can).  When Sunny came home from work we all went to Mijita for dinner.  After dinner, we went over to Borders to get Ella a new book for night time reading – Ella and Sunny finished Charlotte’s Web last night.  Ella fell asleep at 9:30 tonight which is better than 10, but not so great.  I had a lot of fun playing Wii tennis and golf with Nikki B.116.jpg I had to put this picture in from yesterday.  After Juliette’s party, she changed into this getup.  Pretty cute!29.jpgOur happy little ballerina after ballet today.39.jpg47.jpg We bumped into Stella and Juliet in the lobby on the way to dinner.  They see each other pretty much every day and they still get so happy like they haven’t seen each other in years.55.jpg Very serious playing with her water, straw and lime.

Juliet’s 4th birthday party

Monday, May 10th, 2010

Juliet had her 4th birthday party today.  Helen and Ron did the party at the little club house by the Channel Park.  The party had a carnival theme…ring toss, tattoos, knock the cans etc.  The kids had a great time.  Fantastic job Helen and Ron.  Buki the clown was also at the party.  She did face painting and balloon things.  2 years ago, Juliet had Buki at her party also and Ella took one look at her and cried.  She did, however let her paint her face and I think that helped her like her a little better.  Ella remembered Buki, was a little apprehensive at first, but this time she didn’t cry or want to go away.  She actually stared Buki down a few times and laughed at her clown jokes.  Once again, Buki did a great job face painting.  What a fun filled exhausting weekend.114.jpg Ella and Stella at the tattoo parlor.28.jpg Mommy and Ella sharing a tender moment.38.jpgThe birthday girl as a butterfly princess.46.jpg Ella asked Buki to make her a rainbow butterfly princess.  Good job Buki.64.jpg Stella was a beautiful star princess.54.jpgButterfly beauties.7a.jpg I took this photo 2 years ago.83.jpg And here they are 2 years later.  I love it that Ella is growing up with these two.  They really have a beautiful friendship.74.jpgJust one more shot.94.jpgFacepainting and cupcakes…bliss for Ella.104.jpg115.jpg

Happy Mother’s Day!

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

Mom – I wanted to wish you happy mothers day here on the blog.  I love you very much.  You are THE BEST mother.

Pump It Up, T-Ball, movie night

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

We had a fun filled day today.  We took Ella and Clara to Ella’s friend Tyler’s birthday party at Pump It Up.  We all had a fun time there.  After the party, Ella had a T-ball game.  Ella has been falling asleep really late and waking up pretty early and has been really tired during the day.  She almost fell asleep on the T-ball field!  After resting, we went out to Nama and then Stella and Juliet joined us for Friday night movie night on Saturday night.  Ella had a great time with Clara and we all had a great weekend.  Ella, however, has been really emotional, possibly because she has been so tired, but who knows.  We’re just going to ride this wave together.37.jpg45.jpgA very happy Ella at Pump It Up.53.jpgClara, Ella and Juliet having some lunch after a hard workout.63.jpg73.jpg Having some creative fun with the birthday hats.93.jpg Mommy must have said something really funny!103.jpgElla had a quick outfit change after the party and we were off to the T-ball game.113.jpg123.jpg133.jpg142.jpg162.jpg T-ball fun.  Ella fielded another ball today and also chased down some balls.  She was doing really well until she almost fell asleep on the field!110.jpg Cousin love.27.jpg The girls watching Kung Fu Panda.