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Safe and sound in NJ

Monday, March 29th, 2010

We arrived here safe and sound tonight.  We immediately went to the local Italian restaurant here and had a great dinner.  Ella was amazing on the plane.  She watched 2 movies (laughed out loud while watching Alvin and the Chipmunks) and also watched Bedtime Stories.  She’s an amazing traveler.  Ella ran to into grandma and papa’s arms as soon as she saw them at the airport.  Such a beautiful scene.  As soon as we got back to the house, Ella began taking everything out and exploring all of her fun stuff.  This is a ritual of hers.  She could play all night but we are all really tired so Sunny finally got her to sleep.  We have a sedar tomorrow night and one on Tuesday.  Can’t wait to see family and friends.


Ella playing with some of her “stuff”.  My parent’s house turns into a crazy house when Ella is here!  I know they love it.  We love being here.

T-Ball Game

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

Today was Ella’s first t-ball game.  She did a great job.  You could tell that she incorporated some of the stuff that she learned yesterday into her game today.  I am really tired – actually already took my Ambien so I will not try to make sense.  Just enjoy the pictures.  We are heading back east in the morning and can’t wait to hang out with the family.126.jpg Ella and Towby before the game.218.jpg Happy happy Ella the t-ball player.317.jpgElla made it to first base.413.jpg Ella running to 2nd.513.jpg Out on the field – playing second base and looking for flowers to pick.69.jpg Look like a real t-ball player who needs a rest.79.jpgAction shot – running to first base.89.jpg Ella checking out her mitt while Fiona and Kaliko play ball.98.jpg Ella loved making it on  base.  (Every kid makes it home actually) but Ella hasn’t figured it out  so making it on base is exciting.107.jpgGetting some heart to heart coaching form Rich.1111.jpg A lot of the members of the CDS Rockets.127.jpgElla the close talker.133.jpg Ella running home.143.jpgLittle ball player taking a water break.153.jpgThe game is almost over…162.jpgLining up to greet the other team.

T-Ball practice

Saturday, March 27th, 2010

What an amazing experience as parents, to see your kid on the field on a team for the very first time.  Sunny and I were out of our minds with excitement, joy and a lot of laughter.  Ella did a great job today.  The parents who coach the team are incredible, patient and loving, and they really know how to keep the kids involved.  The photos and the video tell the story of what we witnessed today.  The game is tomorrow and we can’t wait to go!125.jpg Ella at home before the practice testing out her new batting helmet.217.jpg A little warm-up before the practice.  Ella is getting stronger.316.jpgFocused and listening to the coaches.412.jpg Team warm-up.512.jpg68.jpg78.jpg Standing, resting and throwing the ball from first base.88.jpg Arnie teaching the kids how to throw.97.jpg A little sand art while Clark is practicing throwing the ball.106.jpg Nice throw kiddo.1110.jpgElla and one of  her buddies Kaliko.

Beautiful Ella

Friday, March 26th, 2010

Seems like we’ve all been running around, busy working, playing…who knows.  Ella has her first T-Ball practice tomorrow.  I’ll make sure to take a lot of pictures.  Her first game is on Saturday.  We missed last week’s practice and game.  Ella is very excited about the team.   Ella picked out a new pair of sneakers and they arrived today.  Check them out.216.jpg Can you believe this?  I did everything I could to talk her out of hot pink, but she had her mind set on this color so we did it.124.jpg315.jpg It was a great night for some Blush.

Double Feature

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

I don’t have much to say, but I do have 2 movies to share.  Ella had her second swimming lesson with her teacher, Yat and it seems like they are doing well together.123.jpg215.jpg Ella and her new swimming teacher, Yat.

Princess visit

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Tonight, after her bath, Ella put on her full Cinderella gear.  We were hanging out downstairs about to have dinner and the doorbell rang.   It was the Kim/Arena family coming by to say hi.  Ella was so excited to see her buddies and we were happy to see everyone too.  The girls were all dressed up also – not planned with Ella so they all looked fancy and crazy.  KJ has hit a milestone!  He can crawl.  What a cute, sweet boy.120.jpg Ella and Stella discussing some serious princess stuff.214.jpg Ella and Juliet in a beautiful embrace.313.jpg Hey Stella…what are you drawing?411.jpg511.jpg KJ is crawling!

Ella’s day off

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Ella didn’t have school today – her school had a professional day.  I had to go to work and Ella and mommy hung out together.  As soon as I got home from work, mommy went to work and Ella and I went to Ella’s ballet class.  Ella had a great ballet class.  I’ll make a video in a day or so…it’s too late now.  Here are a few sweet pictures of Ella from today.119.jpg Ella charging at me after ballet class today.213.jpg Ella looking more than adorable in mommy’s sweatshirt.312.jpg Kissing Zhu Zhu pets.

We’re back!!!

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

We had a great weekend in Scottsdale.  The 3 of us went to Arizona for spring training.  Part of the trip was work for Sunny who is on the board of the Giants Community Fund.  Sunny’s nephew David lives in Scottsdale so we were able to spend some time with him and his wife which was great.  It was the first time that Ella met them and they all hit it off right away.  We all had dinner the first night we arrived and after dinner, Ella was obsessed with going swimming.  It is not very warm in the desert at night in March, but I bit the bullet and went in with her.  She had so much fun and I froze!117.jpgDavid and Ella – fun and love at first sight!211.jpgSuper sweet photo of Jackie, Ella and David.311.jpgWhat a beautiful family!410.jpg510.jpg67.jpg77.jpg87.jpgNight time swimming fun!  Well…at least for Ella.  I was freezing!The next day, Sunny had to go to the ballpark early, so Ella and I hung out in the room, went swimming and then met up with Sunny and the other board members and their families at the ballpark.  One couple had their 6 year old son Jesse with them and Ella connected with him right away.  For the next couple of days, they had such a great time together.  I think the most fun they had was one night during an “adult’ dinner.  They sat under the table and watched WordWorld on my iTouch.96.jpgElla chillin’ in the morning eating her freshly frosted  cinnamon roll.9a.jpgCheck this out – Ella is on our bed.  Notice the spiked mirror decorations right above our heads…I guess Arizona doesn’t worry about earthquakes.105.jpgLicking off every last bit of cotton candy.118.jpg122.jpgElla and Jesse walking back to the hotel from the ballpark.132.jpgElla, mommy and Jesse in the hot tub.  Ella would not go into hot tubs until that very moment.  Jesse was her inspiration.142.jpgHappy Ella the next day at the game.152.jpg161.jpgElla enjoying the animal sculptures on the way back to the hotel from the ballpark on Saturday.171.jpgDinner with some Community Fund members and their families.181.jpgElla actually finished her entire thing of linguine!191.jpg20.jpgHere we are dancing with the kids.  The other mom is a board member Christine and her daughter Isabella.212.jpgElla and mommy playing name that tune.222.jpgElla and some prickly pear cactus.231.jpgChristine, Sunny, Isabella and Ella at breakfast this morning.241.jpg251.jpgElla patiently waiting to board the plane.261.jpgOn the plane heading home.  Ella loves Honkers – a gift from David and Jackie.  She buckled Honkers in with her and told him that flying is fun and that there is nothing to be afraid of…she would take care of him.

A funny story

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Well at least I think it’s funny…tonight we were having dinner at home and we were talking about St. Patrick’s Day.  One of the families from Ella’s class came in and spoke about St. Patrick’s Day.  They read a story and made their own cool little books.  Then Sunny and I were talking about St. Patrick’s day and we were commenting that everyone we came across had on green.  I started telling Sunny about this woman who I work with.  She was all decked out in green and white and had a green glitter top hat on that was tilted to the side.  I said, “She looked more like a P-i-m-p (I spelled the word) than an leprechaun.  All of a sudden Ella said, “What is a p-m-i-p?  Mama…what is a p-m-i-p???”  She wouldn’t let up.  Sunny and I were crying from laughter.  Finally I told her that I spelled the word wrong and meant to say pip.  She asked what a pip was and we gave some lame description.  It was a funny moment.  Ella had her first swimming lesson with the new teacher and it was really great.  I didn’t take any pictures because I didn’t want to freak him out.  After dinner tonight, we met up with the Kim/Arena’s for yogurt.  It was really fun.a.jpgHere are the girls excited to get dessert.We are off to spring training in Arizona for the weekend.  Can’t wait to sit back, relax, go swimming and watch some baseball.

Ballet movie from Monday

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

Ella had a great ballet class on Monday.  She is usually pretty serious and follows directions really well and on Monday, she was a little silly and goofy.  It was great to see and pretty funny to watch.  I didn’t capture it on video because she was pretty focused when she was dancing, but during their little exercises that I don’t record, she was goofing around with this other kid.  Ella’s rash is finally gone and she can now wear sleeveless leotards again.  That rash took a long time to go away.  Today at school, my kids had one of their concerts.  They gave me flowers that they picked from the school garden.  I gave them to Ella when I picked her up from school and she loved them.  She took them and said, “Oh, I love these – I can’t wait to take good care of them.  I think we need to put them in water when we get home.”  She’s a very sensitive kid.116.jpgElla at the Tutu school standing in front of her favorite tutu…what a surprise.210.jpg310.jpgElla with the flowers.  So beautiful.49.jpgEveryone should wear a silver sequin dress on a Tuesday night eating dinner at home.59.jpgElla and mommy concentrating really hard on a princess gem fishing game.