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Ella’s first ballet/creative dance class

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Ella had her first “ballet” class after school today.  During the school day, Ms. Alicia gave Ella a beautiful ballerina hair style so by the end of school, Ella was ready to dance.  The class was cute to watch but you could tell for Ella that it was very intense and exciting.  There were only 4 girls in the group and it seemed like they all had fun.  You can tell that Ms. Alicia and the CDS staff has Ella well trained because every time the teacher, Miss Alice asked a question, the other girls yelled out the answer and Ella raised her hand and didn’t say anything until she was called on.  Here are a few pictures and of course a video of class highlights.

56.jpg Ella doing a little warm-up.

110.jpg Dancing around the room.

28.jpg37.jpg48.jpgOur little ballerina.  Check out the fancy hairstyle.

Beat LA!

Monday, September 14th, 2009

Here is a video of Ella cheering at the ballgame today.

Strike Out Violence Day

Monday, September 14th, 2009

Today was Strike Out Violence Day at the ballpark.  It was a successful day all around…Rich Aurilia one of our players recited an amazing pledge about being a “No Hitter” both on the field and in the home and Jonathan Sanchez, one of the pitchers who pitched a no hitter a few weeks ago was standing by his side.  Sunny was honored and Sunny and Ella were on the field together.  It was super sweet.  To top it all off…the Giants won!  They clobbered the Dodgers.  A whole bunch of our friends were at the game – including Stella and Juliet and we all had a blast.

19.jpg Ella insisted on wearing her tutu to the game.

27.jpg Just like a real ball player.

36.jpg The jumbotron.

47.jpg Ella and mommy on the field.

66.jpg Ella and mommy on the jumbotron.

76.jpg Mommy and Ella during the national anthem.  Ella decided that she was going to cover her ears.

83.jpg92.jpgElla and Lou Seal.

cimg0663.JPGMe and Ella at the game.

113.jpg Stella, Ella and Juliet.  Its always so hard to get all 3 to cooperate at the same time.

123.jpg Happy Ella sitting between her 2 best friends.

13laurakatekjkaren.jpg Laura, Kate, KJ and Karen.  Kate held KJ for a while to give Helen a little break.

151.jpg 161.jpgOur friends Simon and Tonia.

171.jpgHelen and KJ.

181.jpg Helen, KJ and Tonia’s baby Lola (obviously Tonia was holding Lola).

191.jpg Becca, Ella and Lori.

20.jpg Ella and some of our friends from the building…Hannah, Max and Pablo Sandoval’s daughter.

A quick but beautiful visit from grandma and papa

Sunday, September 13th, 2009

Grandma and papa came in on Thursday night for a quick visit.  Ella was so excited to see them.  When she woke up on Friday morning, she was so happy that they were in our house.  We took Ella to school on Friday for the morning part but then I picked her up early so that she could spend the rest of the day with grandma and papa.  We just all had a really sweet time.  We love you – can’t wait to see you in October.

55.jpg Ella and Brickelle on Friday morning with their 7th grade buddy Cassie, who they both LOVE!

18.jpg Grandma, papa and Ella on our way to lunch.  Ella scooted all the way down the Embarcadero!

26.jpg Putting on lipstick after lunch.

35.jpg Our little diva.

46.jpg Just beautiful.

65.jpgPapa reading one of Ella’s favorites…Angelina Ballerina.

75.jpg Doing magic with grandma.

Our little swimmer

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

Ella took her first swimming lesson today.  Sunny and I took Ella to the pool. Ella was a natural and Ella told us that she didn’t want the lesson to end!  What a difference from a few weeks ago when Ella said, “I don’t want to take swimming lessons, they stink and are boring”.  The beginning pictures are some shots from the past few days.25.jpg Kate came over the other night and we had such a fun time.34.jpg Ella joined me on the piano and also danced and sang for us.45.jpg Sleepwalking down the hallway on the way to school.54.jpg Ella’s dry erase board art.64.jpg Playing before class.74.jpg Some serious trampoline jumping.Now for the swimming lesson pictures…82.jpg91.jpg101.jpg112.jpg122.jpg132.jpg141.jpg15.jpg16.jpg17.jpg

Go Giants!

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

Today was a beautiful day and we spent it at the ballpark.  The Giants beat the Padres and we made it through another 9 innings.  Ella had a great time.  During the game Ella went with Sunny to go visit our friends Tonia and Simon and their little girl Lola and then I took her to go see some classmates that were sitting a few sections over from us.  What a beautiful day to have off.

14.jpg Running to the elevator.

24.jpg Beautiful Ella at the ballgame.

33.jpg44.jpg53.jpgElla visiting with her school buddies.

63.jpg73.jpgTender moments with Mommy.

81.jpg The Giants are gonna WIN!

The Jewish Museum

Monday, September 7th, 2009

Today we met our friends at the Jewish Museum to check out a Chagall exhibit that is leaving soon.  While we were waiting for them to arrive, Ella had a great time playing outside of the museum.  First she made some wishes and then played around the fountain.  Ella quickly went through the exhibit and then played around on these bean bag chairs.  We tried to go swimming in the afternoon but they told us that the pool was closed due to a chemical issue in the pool.  We think they were understaffed because of the holiday weekend.  Tonight Kate came over and we hung out and then Helen, Ron, Stella, Juliet and KJ came over.

13.jpg Getting ready to go out.

23.jpg Making a wish…notice the penny mid air.

32.jpg Cooperating for the picture.

43.jpg Mommy enjoying the beautiful day.

52.jpg62.jpg72.jpgWalking across the water.

8.jpg We kept warning Ella to watch where she was going because we knew that her feet were going to go into the water.  We were right.  Of course I didn’t catch it on the camera, but we just knew that it would happen.

9.jpg10.jpgPlaying around on the bean bags.

111.jpg Ella got in a bad mood when we were leaving.  She wanted to throw A LOT of coins into the fountain and we only had two.

121.jpgRight before Ella’s transformation into…

131.jpg GOGGLE GIRL!

Ella’s first week of school and Blush

Sunday, September 6th, 2009

Ella made it through the first week of school (first 3 days) with flying colors.  Ella is a confident preschooler.  She loves going to school and she loves her weekends.  Today, we hung around the house and then we went over to the new yogurt store in our neighborhood called Blush.  The place was packed.  They gave you a raffle ticket when you bought a yogurt.  They were giving away great prizes…an iPhone, iTouch, iShuffle, PSP, 49ers tickets.  We got our tickets and there was going to be a drawing at 3:00.  Ella had her scooter so we decided that we were going to Walgreens pick some stuff up and then go back to the raffle.  As we were “scooting” away, this lady said, “Here, take my ticket, I can’t stay for the drawing”.  I told her to write her name and # on the ticket and if she was chosen, I would give her a call.  Well…she won!  I had to pick a ping pong ball out of a box and I (she) won a PSP.  That’s a portable play station.  I called her and told her and she called back thanking me for calling her and telling me to keep the PSP.  Now I can download movies and stuff for Ella!  Pretty cool.

After that adventure, Ella and I went to the pool and met Ron, Stella and Juliet.  Ella is starting swimming lessons on Wednesday and she has been doing really well in the water.  Today I suggested that she put on a bathing cap and goggles for the pool and she went a little crazy in the car crying that she didn’t want to wear a bathing cap or goggles because goggles made the water come in and hurt her eyes.  Then she said that swimming lessons stink and are boring.  I asked her if she was scared and she said that she was.  When we were in the locker room, I put my bathing cap on and Ella saw me and decided that she was going to put hers on.  As soon as we got into the pool, she saw that Juliet had goggles and they actually traded.  Ella put the goggles on and started having a blast.  Juliet, Ella and I played under water for most of the time.  We were waving to each other, pointing at things and having so much fun.  Ella is doing really well and she said that she wasn’t scared for her lesson on Wednesday.  Tonight Ella went to Stella and Juliet’s house and watched Totoro.  Sunny and I stayed here and watched the Soloist.

12.jpg Fooling around in the hallway before school on Friday.

22.jpg31.jpg42.jpgGreat work!

51.jpg61.jpgEntrance of Blush.

71.jpg Look at all the balloons!

Day 2 was a huge success

Friday, September 4th, 2009

Ella had a great day today during and after school.  When I came to pick Ella up from the after school program, she was playing on the slide and didn’t even see me!  For some reason, that makes me feel good.

11.jpg Ella in the hallway on the way to school.

21.jpg Having fun on the trampoline before school.

3.jpg41.jpgWalking through the garden looking for butterflies after school.

Ella’s first day of school – year 2

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

Well…I have to say that a year has gone by and so much has changed.  Any anxiety we felt last year at this time was gone.  Ella was so excited when she woke up this morning and she was ready to go to school!  As we entered the classroom, Ella said hi to her old classmates and was really excited about being there.  When Alicia rang the bell, Ella kissed each of us and that was it.  At one point, Ella and Brickelle were hanging out and there was a new girl Emily just standing there and they took her hand and led her to the block/dramatic play area.  They were really beautiful and sweet and welcoming and hopefully put Emily at ease.  The only stumbling block we had was that we decided that we were going to pick Ella up 1/2 hour later this year because of our work schedules.  We told Ella all about it and she seemed excited that she would have 30 more minutes to play after school but when 2:15 rolled around and we weren’t there, she got really upset and cried.  She was a little shaken up when we arrived at 2:45 but it will be OK.  She already told us that it would be ok tomorrow.  If its not, that’s ok too, but I think she will be fine.  This is really good for Ella.  Change is good.

nametag.jpgalicia2.jpgElla last year…first day of school

4.jpg2.jpgElla this year first day of school.

1.jpg Classroom rule…the kids all have to wash their hands upon entering the classroom.  They also have to sing the entire alphabet song while they are washing.

5.jpg Ella and Brickelle escorting Emily over to the block/dramatic play area.

6.jpg Questioning…”how old are you?” “what’s your favorite color?”

7.jpg Things seem to be going well!