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A different look for Ella

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

Here are some pictures I took over the weekend.  Ella said something about wanting to wear shorts so we put this outfit on her.  She really loved it.  Ella pretty much looks adorable in anything.


Ella is a trip

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

Ella has been coming up with the most entertaining things lately.  I put an example of this at the end of the post in a little video.  Here are a few sweet pictures from today.

14.jpg Ella celebrating the completion of a puzzle.

24.jpg32.jpg42.jpgElla has become quite a little shutterbug.  These are a few of her shots from tonight.

52.jpg Ella asked me to take this picture.  It is beautiful.

62.jpg72.jpgOur little beauty.

Happy Mother’s day – happy love for each other day

Sunday, May 10th, 2009

I’m not so into mother’s day, but I do want to wish my mom happy mother’s day just because I love her.  I love you mom.  Hope tomorrow is a fun day.  Let’s see…on Friday night,we met up with a friend of ours who we met through another friend.  Tonia and her husband Simon are about to move back to SF.  We got to spend some time with Tonia in NY and Ella really hit it off with her.  We thought last night’s dinner would be great and it was.  Simon Directed “The Bee Movie” – one of Ella’s favorite movies and when we told her that Simon was an import “player” in the movie she was impressed.  She looked at Simon and said, “Do you know Barry and Adam bee Simon?”  When Simon answered, “Why yes I do”, Ella could hardly believe it.  The dinner was a lot of fun and Ella spent most of it sitting between Tonia and Simon.1tonyaandsimon.jpg2tonyaandsimon.jpg Ella with Simon and Tonia3trainmommy.jpg Ella and mommy coming home on the train.5bouncy.jpg6bouncy.jpg7bouncy.jpgBouncy houses galore!  This morning, we went to Tyler’s birthday party.  The party was all about bouncy houses.  I do know who had more fun, the adults or the kids.  Ella loved running and bouncing, but she did not want to go on the slide.  I, of course took her down a slide and made her cry.4elbouncy.jpg8bouncyrunning.jpg9climbing.jpgHere are some shots of Ella running, jumping and climbing.  She had a blast.10mejump.jpg Here I am jumping11eljul.jpg12letseat.jpg14schwartzarena.jpgHere we all are having some food after a hard work out.13birthdayboy.jpg15ellatyler.jpgHere’s the birthday boy Tyler with his parents and with Ella.16ballerinabaseball.jpg I had to go to a work thing this afternoon and when I came home, Ella was a fully dressed ballerina.  Here is the ballerina playings some baseball in the hallway.17hit.jpg Check out the swing.18throw.jpg And check out this throw!20readyforcaboom.jpg After playing ball, we went out to dinner and after dinner, Ella told us that she wanted to go watch Kaboom…traditional fireworks that we coul see in our hood.21mamaella.jpg21threeofus.jpgHere we all are watching Kaboom shich was beautiful.  Ella had her fingers in her ears for most of the time.  What a great morning and night.

Time flies

Friday, May 8th, 2009

I can’t believe this week is over…where has the time gone?  I feel like we have been super busy this week, but it really wasn’t any different than any other week.  Ella has been doing really well.  She hasn’t had any accidents since she stopped using her night time diapers.  Ella is still using her pacifier to fall asleep.  Before we fall asleep, we go in and pull it out of her mouth.  Ella went to the dentist last Friday (not sure if I wrote about it) and she did a fantastic job.  They took x-rays of her front upper teeth and front bottom teeth to see how her adult teeth were growing in and they seem to be where they belong.  It was like looking at a shark’s x-ray.  Here are some pictures of Ella this week.

1.jpg Ella on her way to school Monday morning.  Notice the Dora lip gloss that she is sporting.

2.jpg The next day going to school.  Ella told me that she loves this dress.  I do too.

31.jpg Walking on the “balance beam”.

41.jpg On the playground today.  The weather is getting nicer.

51.jpg At Acme tonight after digging into chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce.  It was kind of hard for Ella to fall asleep tonight…I wonder why.

61.jpg Playing frozen statue on a walk.

71.jpg Staying warm in mommy’s sweater.

81.jpg A very happy Belle/Ella.


Sunday, May 3rd, 2009

Today is my mom’s birthday.  Happy birthday grandma!  We love you so much.  Hope you have a beautiful day.  Can’t wait to see you.

Fun, fun, fun

Sunday, May 3rd, 2009

We have been super busy these past few days, and having a lot of fun.  On Thursday night, we met up with Phyllis, Naomi and Michael for dinner to celebrate Naomi getting into Berkeley.  Ella had so much fun and went to dinner in her leotard, tutu and silver shoes.  Max’s (the restaurant) had a mirror and a railing that Ella used as a ballet bar.  Here are some pictures of Ella doing her thing.

3.jpg4.jpg5.jpg6.jpgElla gave us each an individual lesson.

7.jpg Ella and Naomi putting french fries in a glass.

On Friday night, Helen and Ron went out to dinner and we had a special dinner and movie night with Stella and Juliet.  They came over wearing Cinderella dresses and of course Ella wanted one.  I pulled out one that I claimed to have thrown away.  The three girls had a great night together and ended the night watching Wall-E.  There is a video at the end of the post showing their dance moves.

8.jpg9.jpgNothing like a good Backyardigans episode during dinner.

Today, we started the day at the Children’s Day School Country Fair.  It was raining and I didn’t take any pictures.  We had fun for the hour that we were there.  After the Country Fair, we came home and Ella changed into her sparkly dress to go meet her buddies for a modern dance performance.  It’s Juliet’s birthday on Monday and Helen planned a special day for Juliet and her friends.  We met up with Helen, Ron, Stella, Juliet, and their big girl friends Ella and Julia.  Our Ella was in awe of big Ella and wanted to hold her hand all day.  The kids did a great job watching the performance and when it was over, we went to the Farimont for high tea.  It was a lot of fun and tasted really good.  The girls had a blast running around the Farimont.  Here are a whole bunch of pictures.

10.jpg The Kim/Arena family crossing the street to meet us at the Yeurba Buena theater. Ella and Julia are with them.

11.jpg Juliet, Ella and Ella.

12.jpg Getting ready for the performance.

13.jpg Ella was very excited.

15.jpg The girls after the performance.

16.jpg Ella climbed up here for a picture with the colorful Keith Haring sculpture.

18.jpg Ella and Stella fooling around at the Fairmont.

19.jpg Running around on the rooftop garden.

20.jpg Beautiful Ella.

21.jpg The two Ellas.

22.jpg23.jpgBeautiful girls having a fun day out.