Seems like all I’m doing is catching up!

Our days and nights have been so full!  Ella is still loving life so much.  She is doing wonderful work at school, her friendships are tight and real, she is funny, she is a bit defiant, she’s beautiful, she’s enthusiastic about everything that she does…what a great person.  Last week, we participated in a CDS walk to honor Dr. Martin Luther King.  We made a sign together for Ella to hold.  Ella asked me to write, “Love and Peace” Dr. Martin Luther King.  I did it in my old school bubble letters, and Ella colored them in.  Sunny made a Let Freedom Ring-Equality for all on the other side of the poster.  It was a sweet march.  The kids are all learning at their own pace.  Ella had a sleep over on Friday night at Stella and Juliet’s and loved every minute of it.  Mommy and I went out with some friends from Ella’s school.  Stella spend most of the day with us on Saturday and then some of our friends and their daughter came over on Saturday night.  We had a lot of fun.  On Sunday, we did a video chat with grandma and papa and then watched the NY Giants win!  What an exciting weekend. Here are some pictures from the parade and from ballet today.

116.jpg214.jpg The beginning of the “march”.


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  1. Grandma says:

    You are so right about Ella. She’s a joy in every way. Love you. Mom

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