Ella and her Heelys

We had a long weekend this weekend.  We both could have used a few more days to get the work done that we need to do but it was great to get some good family time in.  On Friday night, Stella, Juliet and KJ came over for movie night.  The kids watched the Little Mermaid.  The girls ended up staying over because their cousin was born early in the morning!  Ella loved having the girls sleep over.  On Saturday, Helen gave Ella her Chanukah present.  It was a pair of Heelys.  They are sneakers that have wheels on the bottom.  They are pretty hard to do.  Ella spent some time struggling to figure out how to do it but soon figured out her own way.  The video at the end shows the 1 day evolution of Ella and Heelys.  Ella went to TaeKwonDo on Saturday and then on Saturday night, we hung out with friends from Ella’s school.  While the adults were downstairs hanging out downstairs, the kids were upstairs watching Star Wars.  It was Ella’s first time, and her friends Harry and Eli were great about explaining what was going on.  We pretty much spent Sunday and Monday around the neighborhood, Heelying around and then today, I took Ella out to the cove to do some batting practice.  This year, Ella’s t-ball team is going to do coach pitching.  Ella was amazing.  She made contact with the ball quite a few times and I was pitching from pretty far away.  There are 2 small clips of that in the video too.  I think you have to download it in order to see it.  Not sure why this issue is happening, but the movie is there.

115.jpg Ella and 2 of her favorite people.

213.jpg35.jpg Ella’s TaeKwonDo group is now made up of Ella and about six 7 – 9 year old boys.

412.jpg58.jpg Ella meditating at the end of class.

64.jpg73.jpg83.jpg Ella and her Heelys.

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  1. Grandma says:

    Fantastic! Adorable ballet, serious taekwondo, incredible perseverance at heelys and amazing lefty batting! (no trouble at all downloading the video.) love you. Mom

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