Fun and busy weekend leading up to Halloween

On Friday night, Ella went over to the Kim/Arena’s place for movie night.  Sunny and I went out to dinner to the Public House and watched game 7 of the World Series.  It was great to have a nice adult dinner out.  It was also great to join everyone next door and to watch the kids model their Halloween costumes.  Ella is going as Jessie from Toy Story 3.  Today, I took Ella to her soccer game while Sunny was busy campaigning for Chris.  Only about 9 more days…can’t wait for this chapter to be done.  Tonight, mommy took Ella to Taekwondo and I went to a testing center to take my CBEST for teaching.  I got the results from the reading comprehension and math multiple choice back tonight.  Looks like I passed both of them!  Just have to wait for the results of the essay questions but I think I only need like 3 points in order to pass the whole thing.  I feel relieved.  Now I have to figure out my next steps.  Mommy and Ella had dinner with Auntie Pie and Uncle Michael and then picked me up after 4 hours of testing.  Ella played soccer like a champion today.  She was the first on her team to score a goal.  She was really into it.  She hardly took any breaks.  She wanted to play and play.  Sunny said Ella did a great job during Taekwondo!  Enjoy the pics.

113.jpg KJ the nosepickalatasauris and Jessie from Toy Story 3.

27.jpgJessie and the good witch Stella.

Juliet was a beautiful Indian princess and Ronnie was a beautiful Indian prince.  I must take pictures on Halloween.

37.jpg Ella looks so happy doing the throw in.

47.jpg57.jpg66.jpg76.jpg86.jpg 95.jpgElla had a great soccer game today!

103.jpg114.jpg123.jpg133.jpg Ella almost made it to the top of this monstrosity today.  IShe’s quite the climber.

142.jpg They are making a quilt at mommy’s work for survivors of domestic violence.  The quilt is about love and peace.  Ella did this panel all by herself (we sounded out mindfulness for her – but the word was her idea).

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    I finally remembered that I can use my Verizon connection at home for my iPad. Love all of the pics. love you. Mom

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