Ella is writing up a storm!

Every Friday, Ella’s class does the “Redwood News” and posts their stories outside of the classroom.  Here are Ella’s “news stories” from the past 4 weeks.

19.jpg Here is the translation…”I Heart lollipop candy bracelet, M&M’s.  I love Valentines Day.”

25.jpg Here is a picture that Ella drew of Dog Dog and she wrote…”I brang my stuffy”.

35.jpg“I love Alex, love Ella”.  Alex is Ella’s third grade buddy.

45.jpg “I am going to Tahoe”.  The little person in the left hand corner in pencil is Ella swimming.

55.jpg Ella at soccer practice on Thursday.  It was so cold there!  64.jpgSweet Ella after practice.

74.jpg A Halloween picture that Ella drew after school the other day.  Here is the story on the other side.

84.jpg “Happy Halloween.  It was a dark and spooky night and my family and I were going trick or treating.  I ran in front of my family.  I stopped.  I noticed something strange.  I was alone?”  Ella said that she put the question mark there because the story wasn’t over and she was wondering if anyone else wanted to finish it.  This thing just flowed out of her during her after school program.  We got there to pick her up and she was writing away!

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  1. Grandma says:

    I love the writing. I’m going to send her a letter and ask her to write back. Love you. Mom

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