Kindergarten class work

Today the 7th graders hosted assembly at CDS.  They are a fun and dynamic group of kids who had a lot of fun doing assembly.  Ella LOVED it and was sitting high up on her knees so she could see the whole thing.  She was laughing and smiling the whole time.  Ella also made an announcement this morning.  She told the school that she was going to see Vons Da Qua, a 7th grade girl band tomorrow.  Ella is one confident kid.  Today, Ella brought home a folder with a little bit of her class work in it.  I will post photos and give translations.

120.jpg Looks like Ella is trying to get this kid to do something.

210.jpg Waiting to go to assembly.

310.jpg410.jpg Check out Ella in the crowd with that amused look on her face.

58.jpg Elephant, antlers, egg and I’m not sure what the G word is.  They were cutting things out of magazines and Ella noticed that the Estee Lauder name started with an E!

66.jpg Ella was using the teacher’s old list as scrap paper and filled in her own names.  The top says, “Ella Keep”.  The rest are ages and names of her friends she was thinking about.  By Brickelle’s name you will see that it says 6 and then 3 circles.  Ella told us that the three circles are really 3 quarters because Brickelle is 6 and 3/4!  Next is 5 Luke.  After that is 18 Justin because Justin Bieber is 18 of course.  The next one is 6 Stella, then 5 Juliet.  By Ella’s name it is 5 and 3/4 and then the final one says 1 No Adults.  Love this stuff!

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  1. Grandma says:

    I love it; happiness personified! That three quarters is brilliant! Love you. Mom

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