Love, family, friends and a swimming milestone

We have been having a wonderful time here.  It’s been great to get to spend some beautiful time with family and friends.  Mommy – we love you and we miss you!  Come on over already.  Mommy comes on Thursday and we can’t wait.  On Saturday, Ella, Milo, AJ, grandma, Iya and I went to papa’s club.  We had a lot of fun swimming and then at the end of the day, Ella, papa and I took a ride around the golf course in the cart.  Ella told papa that she wanted to hit some golf balls with him before the end of our trip.  On Saturday night, I went into New York to see my friend Karen,  AJ went in to do a gig, and Ella, Milo, Iya, grandma and papa hung out in NJ.  Ella and Iya watched Tangled.  On Sunday, uncle Michael came in for a quick 36 hours and we all went back to papa’s pool.  On Sunday, Ella passed the deep water test at papa’s pool.  This means that she is allowed to swim in the deep end.  At first, Ella was really scared to do the test.  She was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to do it.  I kept telling her to just try and I also told her that if she didn’t do the test that I would only swim with her in up to 5 feet of water for safety reasons.  The test was to swim 25 meters without touching the floor of the pool, any walls or lane lines.  After the 25 meters, you have to tread water for 45 seconds.  After lunch, Ella got up all her courage and said, “I want to take the test”.  She took it and passed the first time!  She was so proud of herself and we are so proud of her.  She was also so happy because the was allowed to play in the 9 foot area and is really great at diving down 9 feet to get things I throw down there.  One of the lifeguards made her a certificate and Ella recited it about 30 times already!  On Sunday evening, KK came over to grandma and papa’s and we hung out on the terrace, the kids blew lots of bubbles and then we had Chinese food.  It was great to spend time with KK.  OK – time for the pictures and video.118.jpg216.jpg314.jpgFun times in the pool.414.jpg513.jpg Sweetness on the golf course.67.jpg75.jpg Ella concentrating hard on creating this modern art.93.jpg86.jpg Trumpet fun with uncle Michael.103.jpg Ella and her swimming certificate.119.jpg Ella and Iya are excellent swimming partners.124.jpg Michael and Milo getting ready to do some laps.134.jpg Ella is a great underwater photographer.144.jpg Milo decided that he wanted to wear AJ’s cover up.153.jpg Ell and one of her summer buddies Sofia. 

2 Responses to “Love, family, friends and a swimming milestone”

  1. Grandma says:

    Ella and I love the pictures. We didn’t see the video yet. Love you. Mom and Ella

  2. Mommy/Sunny says:

    These photos are terrific – love them all especially when you all were in the water (except where was Grandma?)

    Ella what a great accomplishment – taking and passing your swim test! Wow mazel tov again beautiful!

    Let’s play gold together- papa is a good teacher!

    I just checked the weather and it said it will be in the high 90’s! Wow – get the sprinklers going – cause ya know what El? All Our butts will be sweating big time!!! I love you so much and I am so happy for alll you have learned – and the learning never stops! I love you !!! Beautiful blog that sure looks to capture the family love Lauren – see you soon- I love you!

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