Great Saturday

Today was a great day.  We all went to Ella’s t-ball game at 9:00 this morning.  Ella is doing so well.  She really has a lot of fun.  After the game, we came home, walked Towby and then we all took a walk to the Ferry Building for lunch.  Lunch was great and so was being outside for a long time.  The weather was great despite a little obnoxious wind.  Mommy too Ella to taekwondo and I stayed her and hung out with Nikki B.  Tonight, we went to Pier 39 to have dinner at one of my favorite crab places…the crab house.  Ella bungee jumped before dinner, and then we went to the carousel and arcade after dinner.  Kate joined us and it was a wonderful night.  I’m happy that judgement day didn’t happen today.  I wanted to see what 43 would feel like and I am going to get to know tomorrow.  Good night.  Love you all.129.jpgOn our way to the game.215.jpg314.jpg413.jpgSo much fun at t-ball.510.jpg Flying a helecopter.69.jpg Under the space ship.78.jpg Walking home with a beautiful flower balloon.98.jpg89.jpg Fun with the bumgey.107.jpg Nikki B and Ella riding on the carousel.1112.jpg Here we all are after a lovely evening.

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  1. Grandma says:

    Can Ella get any more gorgeous? Happy Birthday! I love you. Mom

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