First day back from break

Ella did her full day of school, Tree Frog Treks and Ballet today.  When I picked her up, she looked really happy and said she had a great day.  Ella is a great traveler and such a great person.  It was raining this morning so Ella wore a new pair of rainboots that I got for her a while back that now fit her.  She really likes them.  Kind of made the rainy day fun.120.jpg Sweet Ella before ballet class.217.jpg Action shot in ballet class.313.jpg Ms. Laura told the girls to dance like they were angry.  This is Ella’s angry dancing face.411.jpg Ms. Alicia’s beautiful braid.512.jpg610.jpg After class, taking a little walk around the neighborhood.

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  1. Grandma says:

    Thanks for doing a blog. I’m having Ella withdrawal. Love that sweater. Love you. Mom

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