Trip back East

We woke up very early this morning to take a plane ride to NY. AJ is having her official album release show on Thursday. We are very excited for the show. Ella has been telling us that we need to be quiet when AJ sings. Ella was amazing on the flight. We had to buy her her own seat because she is over 2 and it was the best thing in the world. Ella sat on Sunny’s lap during takeoff and landing and then stayed in her own seat for the rest of the flight. She didn’t sleep a wink, but I guess she didn’t need to. She watched the Wizard of Oz, Yo Gabba Gabba, the Backyardigans and watched her own videos that I loaded on my iPod. One of the flight attendants told us that Ella was her BOB (best on board!) We arrived at JFK and grandma was waiting. Ella immediately went into her arms and wouldn’t let go. We came back to grandma and papa’s house and Ella lit up when she saw papa. We had dinner, played a little and Ella was sleeping by 9:00 NY (NJ) time. Hopefully she will sleep through the night.

This picture was taken at 6:45 am. Although Ella was walking in her sleep, she still insisted on carrying her own suitcase and walking to the elevator. When she saw me take out my camera, she stopped in her tracks and looked up.

Ella on the plane in her own seat

Checking out her videos on the iPod

Big hug for Grandma

Big smile for Ella

Back together again. Goodnight!

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