Fun field trip

Today, Ella’s class went to the Randall Museum on a field trip.  I was one of the parent drivers and it was a really fun trip for the kids.  Ella’s class is studying bees and the Randall Museum has a bee exhibit with an active bee hive.  The bees actually leave the hive, go collect pollen and nectar and bring it back to the hive.  The kids were able to see the queen bee which was really cool.  It was great to see the kids so enthusiastic about being up close and personal with the bee hive.  Ella loved it and tonight as she was going to sleep, she was telling 2 of her stuffed animals about the “observational drawing” that she did of the worker bees.  Ella is really paying attention this year.  It’s so great to see her learning so much and to see her totally into it.117.jpg Ella this morning before school.  It’s raining here AGAIN.1a2.jpg Another cool oil painting/photo.211.jpg Ella and Clark teaching Ms. Alicia all about bees.312.jpg Ella and Clark in front of a very large bee.412.jpg Clark and Ella busy doing their observational drawing.4a1.jpg Looks like it’s been a long day already!511.jpg Ella looking at Clark through the eyes of a bee.

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