A lot to catch up on

We went out of town this weekend to Scottsdale to watch the Giants in 2 spring training games.  We left on Thursday.  On Wednesday night, before we left, Ella had another sleepover at Emmi’s house.  This time their other friend Emily slept over too.  Ella had a great time!  While we were away this weekend, someone asked Ella if she likes sleeping over friend’s houses.  Ella said that she loves it.  Then they asked her if she missed her moms when she was sleeping away from home and she said no.  I think it’s so great that Ella feels secure enough to really enjoy herself when she’s away from us and then be happy when she’s with us again.  We had a great weekend.  So much fun to be at 2 games.  The Giants lost on Friday and won on Saturday.  Ella hung out with her friend Jesse who’s mom is also on the Giants Community Fund board.  They hung out at spring training last year too.  Ella spent a lot of time in the pool this weekend.  It was a little cool for us, but Ella had a blast.  Videos to follow tomorrow…310.jpg410.jpg Here are 2 pictures that Emmi’s mom sent us during the play date/sleepover.59.jpg Ella right before we entered the Scottsdale Stadium.5a.jpg At the game!66.jpg This must have been around the 5th inning…that’s usually when Ella asks us for the iTouch.  Notice auntie Pie and Michael in the row!  They came down for spring training with us this year.76.jpg Ella and Jesse after the game.  We were heading to an event to raise money for the Junior Giants.86.jpg94.jpg Face painting!103.jpg Check out the SF that Ella wrote on her hand.  So cute.9a.jpg This wowan was doing silhouettes at the event.  She was amazing.  Did this all with only a scissor.  I have a film of it that I will post tomorrow.116.jpg Jesse and Ella sharing the iTouch while we were waiting for dinner.123.jpg Whack a shark!132.jpg On the way back from dinner, Ella saw this tree and really wanted to climb a little.13a.jpg Mommy and Ella with the big boot.  Mommy bought a pair of cowboy boots right after I took this picture.13b.jpg Hanging out in a very large bell.13c.jpg Ella being adorable.142.jpg In the hot tub with Jesse.151.jpg161.jpg I think Ella is ready to do some diving.  We need to get her to a pool where it is safe to dive.171.jpg Heading back to our hotel to get ready for dinner.  Like us, Ella loves this weather.

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  1. merilee says:

    Great pictures! Looks like you had a great time. I’m signing up for the Leonia pool this week; Ella will be able to dive there. Love you. Mom

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