Rain, rain go away for real!

It’s been raining here since Sunday night. It’s not the usual San Francisco rain – it’s crazy rain. Even our Zen garden has huge puddles. I went to the gym today and I had to turn around and take another way because there was some serious flooding. Stella, Juliet, Helen and Ron left for Florida yesterday. I hope you guys are having a great time. Ella misses the girls and with the rain and stuff, we need to make sure that she stays busy. The girls playing together is usually enough, but since they’re gone, we had to make sure that Ella had a fun filled day. In the morning, I took Ella to Recess, then we played at home, then Ella took a nap. When Sunny came home, the 3 of us went to the gym and we went swimming. After swimming, we had dinner at the pub. Tomorrow, we go to one of the schools that we are looking at for pre-school for an open house type thing that the kids go to. We are interested to see if Ella likes the school environment. We’ll let you know tomorrow.happy.jpgThis is a picture of Ella from yesterday – she was very happy playing with her dragon thingbiggirl.jpgHere is our big girl having breakfast this morningpotty.jpgSome people read magazines on the potty…Ella watches her movieshidingspace.jpgThis is a secret hiding space at Recess. Ella had a great time running around and hiding todaybigchair.jpgHere is Ella right before we went to the gym. She was dancing around, singing, jumping on the chair and clapping. She was really excited to go swimming.lockerroom.jpgElla in the locker room at the gym – in a locker.bigfoot.jpgAfter dinner, Ella likes to walk around the fitness center. There are these huge sculpture people made out of a giant tree and here is Ella next to one of the feet

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