Our trip to the aquarium

Today we made our trip to the aquarium at Pier 39.  Ella never gets tired of this place and wants to go every time grandma and papa are here.  After the aquarium, we went to the crab house and had a great lunch.  Ella ate clams, crab shrimp and fried artichokes.  We had a really fun day.  Later in the afternoon, Sunny and I took Ella to the doctor because she has some kind of infection in her nose.  She was so stressed out about going to the doctor that she fell asleep in the car.  Once we were in the office, we read her a whole bunch of books and she got less stressed out.  There was this one book that we read together called “Do Not Open This Book”.  Ella was really into when the doctor came in.  Ella did a great job.  She cooperated with the doctor, let him take a culture of her nose infection and kept begging me to finish the book.  She’s on antibiotics and her infection should be clearing up in the next 2 days.  I have been editing the pictures when you can see the one gross nostril.  Ella has been great about not touching it.  She probably got it from picking her nose so any parents out there reading this…DO NOT LET YOU KIDS PICK THEIR NOSE!  Ella learned the hard way.  The 5 of us had dinner at the Public House.  There is so much rain here that we almost needed to take a boat across the street.140.jpg Grandma, Ella and some beautiful jellyfish.219.jpg Here are the 3 beautiful pepople in the tunnel under the bay.315.jpg415.jpg Ella has become and expert at touching the skates, rays and sharks.  I remember a time when she would not touch them for anything!513.jpg Back at home with our fish sitting job.  Ella has been very responsible.

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  1. Grandma says:

    I never get tired of the aquarium either. Ella knows jellyfish are my favorite, as long as they’re behind glass. Love you and love being here. Mom

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