Great day with Jesse and Heather

We all spent the day with Jesse and Heather today.  They have been in town from LA for the past few days visiting family in the Bay Area and we got them today.  We had a really sweet day hanging out, walking to the Ferry Building, having tea and then hanging out back here watching parts of Fantasia and having dinner.  Jamie, Michael and Milo are staying in NY – no possible way to get here.  We explained the blizzard to Ella and showed her pictures of NYC snowed in that AJ sent us… Ella’s response was, “Oh my God!”  She’s been saying that a lot lately.139.jpg In the beginning of our walk, Ella was cold so Sunny bundled her up with her scarf.218.jpg Uncle Jesse giving Ella a little ride.314.jpg Happy kid.414.jpg Ella found a ladybug on our walk.512.jpg I think they were doing some kind of chanting.613.jpg Aunt Heather and mommy helping Ella to fly.711.jpg811.jpg Papa helping Ella to fly.99.jpg109.jpg Ella did a lot of jumping today.1113.jpg What a perfect postcard picture.1211.jpg Learning to drink out of the special tea cups.1310.jpg144.jpg Ella did her job well – she fed the fish at dinner time.

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  1. Grandma says:

    It WAS a fun day. We had hoped the Leonhart clan would have been here too, to complete the circle. Miss you Jamie, Michael and Milo. Great to be with 2/3 of our family. Love you. Mom

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