Funny Ella

I had a tooth pulled today and prepped for an implant so we sent Ella to CDS camp.  She is going to go tomorrow also and then she is officially on waking up in the morning vacation.  The other night I forgot to write this really funny story.  When Emmi was sleeping over, we were joking around with them before they went to bed. The girls were laughing and having a fun time.  When Emmi and Ella were just about to fall asleep, Emmi said, “Ella – your mom and dad are kooky.”  Ella then turned to Emmi and said, “I don’t have a dad!  He’s not even dead.  I just don’t have a dad.  Do you understand me?”  That made them both laugh even more.   Ella told us that story the next morning.  Tonight, we were having dinner and Ella was stalling and stalling and finally Sunny said, “Fine, if you don’t eat your dinner, I am going to eat your rice krispie treat.”  First, Ella was like, “NOOOOO”.  Then Sunny said, “I was just saying that to get you to eat your dinner.”  Ella turned around and said, “Well that’s obvious.”  She sort of repeated the story in the video below.  Ella also gave a fact that she learned at camp today.  Well I hope she got her numbers wrong…her regular teacher Alicia is not teaching at the camp – the teachers for camp are not the lead teachers.  Ella was very sure about her new fact – you’ll see it on the video.  The last thing on the video is Ella singing a part of a song “Daydream”.  I think the second graders performed this song during the winter performance. Ella has picked up bits and pieces of the songs that were performed during the concert.  She has an amazing memory for music.128.jpg Beautiful Ella.213.jpg Building 3-D shapes with Bendaroos.

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  1. Grandma says:

    Ella couldn’t be more adorable! I can’t wait to squish her. Hope you are healing well, Laur. Love you. Mom

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