A wonderful relaxing weekend

We have had a great Thanksgiving weekend so far.  On Thursday, we went on a walk/bike ride and then made it down to Pier 39 for a great lunch/dinner at the Crab House.  After the Crab House, we went downtown to see Tangled.  We saw it in XD 3-D.  Not sure how necessary any of the D’s were, but it was a really sweet movie.  Ella loved it.  She laughed out loud a lot and was not scared in the “scary” scenes at all!  It was great for us all to experience the movie with her.  Today we had an easy morning and then we went to a bike store on Valencia and grandma and papa got a new bicycle for Ella for her birthday.  Ella was so lucky to get a great bike from Juliet, but then she outgrew it.  She picked her new bike out all by herself and then picked out the accessories.  Of course we had to go on another bike ride/walk when we got home, so Ella could test out her new bike.  Tonight we had dinner at Nama.  We all laughed a lot.  It’s been really great having grandma and papa here and having mommy home and not working.130.jpg Ella’s last ride on her old bike.  Check out her new cool helmet.219.jpg Hanging with Lou Seal.316.jpg417.jpg Ella having fun in the park by our house.517.jpg Guess what we just saw?!615.jpg Mommy and Ella holding up the HUGE beach ball in the movie theater.710.jpg Sweet Ella.810.jpg Ella and her new bike – poppin’ a wheelie.911.jpg Getting the tires filled up.9a.jpg Cruisin’ down Valencia on her new tricked out bike.107.jpg Ella playing around at the sand volleyball court.1112.jpg1210.jpg Playing hangman with grandma at Nama.135.jpg Sweet and fun moments with papa.145.jpg Heading home.

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