Rainy Saturday – Giants loose game 3

We started our day today in Noe Valley to help support one of our friends who is running for supervisor in her district.  She’s not running in our district, but we went to give her some support for the final stretch on Tuesday.  Ella went dressed up like Word Girl.  She looked super cute.  After that we had some lunch and then I took Ella to Taekwondo.  Ella did a great job.  The instructor compliments her every week and is really happy with her focus and progress.  We came home, the game was about 2 innings under way and Brickelle and her family were over.  The adults watched the game and the kids played.  We should have been paying more attention to the kids because they decided that they were going to take lip gloss and spread it all over their faces and in their hair.  They even put it all over Brooklyn.  It smelled like sweet strawberry air freshener in  Ella’s room.  Then they took a paint brush and used it to spread the stuff on their faces.  For some reason, the paint brush made black streaks with every brush stroke so the girls decided that they were black cats and quickly changed into black leotards, tights and tutus.  They even painted Brooklyn’s fingernails!  After the ballgame which was a loss but really didn’t bum out any of us, we all went downstairs to eat some pizza for dinner.  After dinner, we had a dance party with glow sticks and glow necklaces.  It was a really fun night.  I’m going to LA tomorrow night so there probably won’t be a blog until Tuesday night so Ella’s Halloween will be documented tomorrow and published on Tuesday.135.jpg Word Girl hits Noe Valley with her peacock umbrella.228.jpg Making something for the Prozan headquarters.326.jpg Off to TaeKwanDo.421.jpg520.jpg617.jpg Some photos from class today.  Ella has such a great time in class.713.jpg Coming home!89.jpg98.jpg107.jpg1112.jpg Look at these shiny paint streaked faces.  The smell was too much for me to handle.  I can still smell it…that sweet strawberry yuck!1210.jpg Can’t take a clear picture of a glow thing with a flash, so here is a “natural” shot that is not so clear.  Ella took all of her glow necklaces and put them together to create a “glow pond” that she was sitting in.

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  1. merilee says:

    It’s crazy how kids alone in a room will find a way to make mischief! Very innocent though! Looked a little like Dracula face painting; it’s interesting that they decided to put on black tutus. Sorry the Giants lost. Have fun in LA. Love you. Mom

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