A lazy rainy day

Grandma and papa left this morning.  Sad to see them go but really happy that they will be back soon for Thanksgiving.  We love you guys!  Hard to believe that by the time you come back, Ella will be 5!  We spent the rest of the day just hanging around the house, watching TV, doing laundry, trying to really let it sink in that the Giants are going to the world series!!!  We gave Ella a Word Girl costume that we got for her a while ago.  Ella loved it and wore for about 5 hours today.  We finally left the house to meet Debby and Toby for dinner at Eliza’s.  We need to get some good rest for a very exciting week starting on Wednesday.127.jpg Grandma, Ella and papa.  Hope things start to feel better papa!223.jpg321.jpg416.jpg515.jpg Word girl flying off the bench!612.jpg Ella made this note for Javier Lopez and we put it under his door tonight.710.jpg Word Girl delivering the note.87.jpg Showered, clean and out to dinner.

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  1. merilee says:

    We had a wonderful time with you and miss you very much. Rest up to get ready for the tension and the celebrations over the Giants. Love you. Mom

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