School starts on Wednesday!

Life is beautiful and we miss the shit out of Bug.  Sunny and I are both super sad about Bug.  We probably break down crying a few times a day.  Ella is doing just fine.  I guess we prepared her for Bug’s death.  It also really helps that we have Towby.  He is getting a lot of attention.  He seems like he misses Bug.  She was a great dog and we were so lucky to have her for as long as we did.  On Sunday, Ella asked me when school started.  I told her that on Tuesday, we all had an orientation where the kids and parents would be in the classroom together for 45 minutes and then the kids could go out and play and the parents had to stay in the classroom to find things out about the school year.  Then I told her that her first day of school was Wednesday.  All of a sudden she yelled, “YAY!!! Miss Alicia!!”  This made us feel so good that Ella was excited to go back to school and to see Ms. Alicia.  We’re excited for Ella.  This should be a great year for her.  She has grown so much over the summer in so many ways.  I think she’s also ready to be a “big kid” in the classroom.  She told me that if the younger kids were having trouble, she would want to give them a hug.  I think Ella got a lot of hugs her first year.  Today, Ella and I had lunch at Crossroads Cafe and then Stella and Juliet came over for an afternoon movie.  They all go back to school on Wednesday so it was a special before school movie afternoon.  Ella had so much fun that she cried when they left.159.jpg240.jpg324.jpg Ella was running around the garden at Crossroads pretending that she was a fairy.423.jpg We went to Southpaw pet store and Ella visited with a new friend.521.jpg Helping mommy cut the artichokes for dinner.619.jpg Our beautiful beagle boy Towby.718.jpg815.jpg Tonight Ella was adding texture to dry erase artwork by using a toothpick to make white lines.

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  1. merilee says:

    You and Sunny are raising a beautiful daughter. Miss you so much. Love, Mom

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