Bye bye Bug

308.jpgWe woke up this morning and Bug was breathing really heavy.  Sunny and I decided that we needed to take her to in and put her to sleep.  I went over to Helen and Ron’s and asked them if they would take Ella for a little while.  I told Ella that we needed to take Bug to the vet and that we thought that she was going to die today.  Ella looked at me and said, “Really?”  I said, “really”.  Then I told her that she was going to go over and hang out with Stella and Juliet – she yelled “YEAH!” and jumped out of bed.  Once Ella was next door, Sunny called the vet and asked them if we could bring her in.  They said that we couldn’t come in until 10:30.  It was only 9:00 and Bug just seemed like she needed to die.  We kissed her and hugged her and told her that it was ok to die and that she was the greatest dog.  We both just sat together and cried.  About 5 minutes later, Bug died on her own.  It was actually so peaceful and I am so happy that she did it on her own terms.After the very sad morning, we went on with our day as planned – for our sake and for Ella’s sake.  First, we met Bronwen, Georgia and company for Dim Sum.  Ella really loved seeing her cousins and it was great to spend time with David and the girls.  After Dim Sum, we came home and rested for a little while.  At 3:00 Ella went to Taekwondo class.  She loves it so much.  She gets into the studio and starts running around, chasing the other kids.  She kind of got zoned and silly by 4:30 but that’s a long time to stay focused!  We came home from class and rested again and then Ron, Sunny, Ella, Juliet, Stella and I went to see the “Broadway” version of Beauty and the Beast.  The girls really loved it and had a great time.  What a day and night.  Life is quite incredible.158.jpg Ella and Georgia at brunch.239.jpg Ella and Bronwen at brunch.422.jpg520.jpg618.jpg717.jpg814.jpg Does she look like she’s having fun or what?????914.jpg Getting ready to go see Beauty and the Beast.1010.jpg This would have been the perfect shot if Ella wasn’t blinking but you can feel the love.

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  1. merilee says:

    We’ve been thinking about you all and missing Bug from afar. Love you. Talk to you tomorrow. Mom

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