Happy Birthday Jesse

Happy Birthday Jesse – hope you have a beautiful day.  We love you.  Can’t wait to see you.  We had a mellow day – Ella and I went to a park so she could run around.  Ella’s class is having an informal get together at this park on Sunday and I told Ella about it yesterday so she told me that she wanted to go there today to check it out.  Tonight we had Friday night movie night with Stella and Juliet.  We watched Beauty and the Beast.  On Saturday, we are taking the girls to see the theatrical version of Beauty and the Beast here in San Francisco.  Bug is still hanging in there – she’s just relaxing and eating turkey.  We are going to see how the weekend goes and then figure out what to do next.  This is difficult but we’re trying to be as honest as we can with Ella.  Whenever we spell the word D-I-E…she says, “That spells die – when Bug dies I am going to write her a card saying, ‘Dear Bug, I am sorry that you D-I-E.”  I told her that would be beautiful.157.jpg Ella and Bug today.238.jpg Ella and Towby today.323.jpg This is a drawing of an angler fish that Ella and I made the other day.421.jpg519.jpg we bumped into a colleague of mine at the park and her son Cairo joined Ella on the swing.617.jpg Ella is a fantastic climber.  This thing also spins but I made sure that nobody spun it around while she was climbing.716.jpg813.jpg Making brownies for movie night.913.jpg The girls having brownies and watching Beauty and the Beast.

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  1. merilee says:

    Beautiful video of Ella singing Happy Birthday to Jesse and great picture of Bug. Love you. Mom

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