Life is beautiful, but then there is fear, loss, grief, hope…we are going through this right now with our oldest dog Bug.  Bug hasn’t been doing so well but for a dog who is going to be 16 in November, she’s been doing incredibly well.  Lately she hasn’t been coming upstairs at all – she sleeps downstairs in the living room and she has been breathing really heavy.  Her back legs are really weak, she’s blind and deaf, but she is still such a beautiful being.  She loves us and LOVES to eat.  Today, Sunny and I decided to take her to the vet to see if there was anything that we could do to keep her comfortable and make sure that she wasn’t suffering.  So far with the test results, her heart seems ok, lungs ok, she’s not anemic and they are looking a little more carefully at her stomach/liver x-ray.  She came home all drugged up from getting x-rays, probably feeling a lot better than we are and just is kind of chillin’.  When we came home with Bug from the vet, Ella met us in the hallway.  She looked at me and said, “So how is Bug doing?”  I said, “She seems to be OK – they didn’t say whether there was anything really wrong.  We are going to talk to the vet again tomorrow.”  Then Ella said, “So they said we should keep doing what we’ve been doing?”  I looked at her and said, “Exactly El – how did you get so smart?”  She said, “I’m a kid, all kids are smart.”  I then said, “Well not really all kids Ella”…and she said, “What do you think we are hockey stick players?”  End of conversation.  We met Jaeden for dinner at the Public House.  They both had a lot of energy – were acting pretty goofy and then after they ate, we took out the iPhone/iTouch and it turned into the most beautiful playdate of 2010.150.jpg Ella in her special polka dot, striped, sparkly shoes outfit.237.jpg322.jpg Parallel iPlay!420.jpg We gave KJ this pimpin’ sweatsuit for his birthday.518.jpg The Kim/Arean clan was away from a few days…as soon as ELla found out they were back, she was knocking down their door!Welcome home friends!!!!!!

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  1. merilee says:

    I can’t get over Ella’s comments about Bug. I hope Bug has some more peaceful days and exits peacefully. Love you. Mom

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