Take me out to the ballgame

Today we went to the day game with my aunt, uncle, cousin and his 2 daughters.  Ella loves Bronwen and Georgia (her cousins) and they have lots of fun together.  They don’t get to see each other a lot because they live in NY.  At first, we were getting killed but by the 8th inning we were making a comeback and had the lead but then lost the lead in the 9th.  The final score was 12 – 11 (The Reds won) in the 12th inning.  What an exciting game…just wish that we had won.  The girls got into the game and I got some cute video of the cheers.  After the game, we had dinner at Eliza’s and continued to have a great time.149.jpgGeorgia, Ella and Bronwen at Mijita.236.jpg Crazy happy Ella who wanted to get my camera away from me.  She did and here is what it looked like.321.jpg Crazy mama.419.jpg Mommy with crazy David behind her.517.jpg Sweeet Aunt Abigail.616.jpg Happy aunt Abigail and Uncle Ray Ray.715.jpg Kooky Bronwen and Georgia.812.jpg David and the girls.912.jpg109.jpg1112.jpg Ella and Georgia having fun.1211.jpg1311.jpg1410.jpg The beautiful wonderful Ella.156.jpg Cousins at the end of dinner.

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  1. merilee says:

    What fun! The cousins are like three musketeers; love that they have such a good time together. Love you. Mom

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