Exploratorium and a night game

Yesterday was a gorgeous day – one of those days when you wish you had an outdoor pool to go relax in.  I think it was above 90º yesterday!  Ella and I went to the Exploratorium and I followed Ella around as she ran from place to place.  She had a great time but I can’t wait for her to be able to read and then things will be taken to a new level and it won’t be all about pushing buttons and blowing bubbles.  After the Exploratorium, I took Ella to her swimming lesson.  Ella did a great job.  Sunny came home with tickets to the ball game.  The Giants had a fantastic game on Monday night with the heat, so we decided to go and they had another incredible win!  I took Ella to the Coke slide and the trolley car and then we ended up at Blush when we left the game.  What a beautiful day and night all around.148.jpg Can you find Ella and me in this photo?235.jpg Here, Ella is creating a huge bubble wall.  She was very patient.320.jpg418.jpg Ella’s sweet little hands.516.jpg We were in a human kaleidoscope.615.jpg714.jpg A musician hard at work.811.jpg In front of the Coke slide.911.jpg Running to the trolley car.108.jpg 1111.jpgTaking the shot in front of Willie Mays!

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  1. merilee says:

    So happy you’re having great summer days and nights! They are the best! Miss you. Love you. Mom

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