Last full week before school starts for Ella

Ella and I will be spending this week together since she doesn’t have camp or school and I haven’t gone back to work yet.  We started this week out going to Pier 39 and the Aquarium of the Bay.  I heard on the news that they caught a shark by Alcatraz and brought it to the aquarium.  It was the biggest shark there.  I told Ella about it (we share an obsession of sea creatures) and she said that she wanted to go and see it.  Rachel came on our little adventure with us.  After the aquarium, Ella did her bungee jump and then we had lunch at the Crab House.  Later in the afternoon, Ella and I went to family swim at the gym.  Ella was pissed off that the family swim was inside – she really wanted to swim in the outdoor pool.  It was really hot today.  Bug seems to be doing a little better.  We’re just happy for every day that she’s around…she doesn’t seem like she’s in any pain – just senile and old.   I am really going to miss her when she’s not around anymore.146.jpg Ella and Rachel at the aquarium.234.jpg I feel like  this is the 50th time I have taken this picture, but it’s cute every time.319.jpg Ella has always wanted to touch the ray.  I think the last time we were here with grandma and papa, Ella did touch the ray, but was still a little scared.  Today, she totally took control and stuck her hand in the water and touched the rays a whole bunch of times.  She was so happy and did not want to leave.417.jpg Here she is really getting into it.515.jpg Patiently waiting for the ray to come close.614.jpg Looks like she was giving the ray the finger huh?  Ella likes to use that finger to point.  Let’s hope she doesn’t use it to point at the wrong person.713.jpg Can’t you just feel her happiness?810.jpg Ella’s sweet little hand touching the ray.910.jpg Ella and her pinwheel – simple pleasures.107.jpg1110.jpg1210.jpg1310.jpg147.jpg155.jpg Ella went super high today on the bungee.  She still doesn’t want to flip.164.jpg This was once a real shark – 600 million years ago.  It was the size of a bus.  I’m really happy they don’t exist anymore.

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  1. merilee says:

    Great pictures. I love that Ella has lost her fear of touching the ray. I’m so happy you have some good weather finally. Enjoy your week with Ella. Love you. Mom

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