Friday Night Movie Night

Tonight we had the girls over here for movie night.  They are going away early tomorrow morning so we took the girls so that Helen and Ron could get ready for their vacation.   I already took my ambien so this typing is becoming difficult.  The girls all had a great night.  We ate clams (except me) broccoli, and brown rice pilaf.   Dinner was great – thanks Sunny.  After dinner the kids played some imaginary games while we were waiting for the chocolate chip cookies to bake.  Ella seems to be gravitating more to Stella these days but we are constantly reminding her not to exclude Juliet.  She really doesn’t exclude her, but she seems more interested in Stella.  Probably a developmental thing.  We just want to make sure that there are no hurt feelings.  When the cookies were done and the pop corn was popped, we went upstairs and watched Madeline.  It was a sweet movie and the girls really loved it.138.jpg Ella and KJ.228.jpgHelen and KJ checking out my new ukulele.316.jpg Ella and Stella shoved themselves in the tiniest part of the livingr oom to play with these Princess and the Frog dolls.413.jpg512.jpg Our beautiful girls.  I hope these friendships last forever.611.jpg 4 beautiful girls watching Madeline.711.jpg Yummy cookies.Have a great trip Kim/ Arena’s we’ll miss you!

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  1. merilee says:

    Beautiful friendship! The girls will always be part of each others’ lives. Miss you. Love you. Mom

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