Celebrating Pride and swimming with buddies

We started the day by meeting a bunch of people from CDS – Ella’s school to march in the Pride Parade.  It was a really great day and a great parade and there was wonderful energy and support from some great families at CDS.  Brickelle and her family were marching and Ella was so happy to hang out with Brickelle.  They hadn’t seen each other in about a month and they just picked up from where they left off.  After the parade, Sunny Ella and I went to the Java Hut for lunch.  It was a beautiful day out – pretty hot for SF so we decided to go swimming with the Kim/Arena clan and then went to Los Jarritos for dinner.  It was  a beautiful day and night.  I still haven’t edited Ella’s recital video, but I will sometime this week.147.jpg227.jpg Ella and her beautiful rainbow butterfly wings.319.jpg We rode the train with our beautiful friends who were marching with Stella and Juliet’s school.418.jpgLove makes a family.516.jpgElla had a great view from mommy’s shoulders.613.jpg Some of the wonderful families from CDS.713.jpg810.jpg Here are mommy and our friend Bill jumping rope at the parade.  Ella was super impressed!910.jpg Brooklyn, Ella and Brickelle were riding in their red wagon down Marked Street.  Brooke pulled them the whole way.109.jpg1114.jpg At the end of a long hot fun day.1212.jpg Ella in her swimming gear ready to go to the pool.1310.jpg Juliet, Ron and Stella under water.148.jpg Me and all the girls under water.  I couldn’t open my eyes because I was afraid to loose a contact lens.156.jpg One more with Juliet and Ella.166.jpg Helen and KJ above the water.  Check out the cool splash.175.jpg Stella and Ella having a tender moment.185.jpg Beautiful shot of Stella, KJ and Ron.

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  1. merilee says:

    Looks like it was a beautiful day. Wish I were with you. Love you. Mom

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