The county fair and grandma and papa come to visit

We have been home for 3 days and its been a busy 3 days!  Sunny has been working hard and I have been catching up with errands and studying for the constitution test that I have to take for my emergency credential and Ella has been having fun, fun, fun!  Ella went to the fair a total of 3 times.  The last time was on Thursday night.  We went with Jaden and Ruthann after dinner.  This morning (Friday), Ella and I went to the airport and picked up grandma and papa!  They are in town for a quick weekend.  It’s great to have them here.  After the airport, we had lunch at the Crab House and then Ella did the bungee thing.  We finished the afternoon off at the little aquarium.  We seem to get into these little rituals.  Sunny is officiating our friends John and Adrianna’s wedding this weekend so she was at a rehearsal this afternoon but got home in time for us all to have a great dinner at the Public House.  Tomorrow afternoon, Sunny and I are going to the wedding and Ella gets the whole afternoon and night with grandma and papa.  I bet they are all really excited about that.126.jpg Jaden was fooling around and Ella was acting exasperated…it was pretty funny.216.jpg Not sure if they were trying to get tickets or knock over the ticket booth.312.jpg Ella was a little scared to go on this ride and she kept telling these two little girls who went on it with her.  She was like, “I am a little scared but brave…”411.jpg I hope this isn’t foreshadowing.510.jpg Sunny, Ella, Ruthann and Jaden all went on the ferris wheel.  PRetty cool view of the ballpark and the Bay Bridge.68.jpg79.jpg86.jpg Having fun in the crazy house of mirrors.97.jpg Papa, Ella and grandma riding the escalator at the Embarcadero station.106.jpg1111.jpg127.jpg135.jpg145.jpg155.jpg There is nothing quite like watching Ella have a great time.165.jpg Ice cream after some jumping.174.jpg In the aquarium tunnel.184.jpg Touching starfish.194.jpg204.jpg Playing the charades game with grandma and papa.217.jpg223.jpg SOme very sweet Ella/grandma love.

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  1. merilee says:

    I got my Ella fix this weekend. Loved it! Love you. Mom

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