Princess visit

Tonight, after her bath, Ella put on her full Cinderella gear.  We were hanging out downstairs about to have dinner and the doorbell rang.   It was the Kim/Arena family coming by to say hi.  Ella was so excited to see her buddies and we were happy to see everyone too.  The girls were all dressed up also – not planned with Ella so they all looked fancy and crazy.  KJ has hit a milestone!  He can crawl.  What a cute, sweet boy.120.jpg Ella and Stella discussing some serious princess stuff.214.jpg Ella and Juliet in a beautiful embrace.313.jpg Hey Stella…what are you drawing?411.jpg511.jpg KJ is crawling!

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  1. merilee says:

    I love the princess visit! And am so excited to see KJ crawling. Milo should follow soon. Can’t wait to see you. Please send me your flights. Love you. Mom

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