Ballet movie from Monday

Ella had a great ballet class on Monday.  She is usually pretty serious and follows directions really well and on Monday, she was a little silly and goofy.  It was great to see and pretty funny to watch.  I didn’t capture it on video because she was pretty focused when she was dancing, but during their little exercises that I don’t record, she was goofing around with this other kid.  Ella’s rash is finally gone and she can now wear sleeveless leotards again.  That rash took a long time to go away.  Today at school, my kids had one of their concerts.  They gave me flowers that they picked from the school garden.  I gave them to Ella when I picked her up from school and she loved them.  She took them and said, “Oh, I love these – I can’t wait to take good care of them.  I think we need to put them in water when we get home.”  She’s a very sensitive kid.116.jpgElla at the Tutu school standing in front of her favorite tutu…what a surprise.210.jpg310.jpgElla with the flowers.  So beautiful.49.jpgEveryone should wear a silver sequin dress on a Tuesday night eating dinner at home.59.jpgElla and mommy concentrating really hard on a princess gem fishing game.

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  1. merilee says:

    I love the way Ella gets into the music; that class is great. I can’t believe the way Ella twirls in both directions! It’s not easy. Your pictures of Ella with the flowers are breathtaking. How was the concert? Love you. Mom

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