Friday morning

Ella woke up this morning really excited – it’s Friday assembly day which means that she can hang out with her 7th grade buddy Casi and her school buddy Brickelle in the morning.  She was also looking forward to a play date with one of her classmates Emmi.  Tonight, the plan is to have dinner (the 3 of us) and then watch the movie “Bedtime Stories”.  All of these wonderful things happened.  Ella hung with Casi and Brickelle, had a great playdate with Emmi and then we had a great dinner cooked by mommy and watched “Bedtime Stories” which was cute.  Better than Annie for the 16th time.118.jpgIn the elevator on the way to the car.  Ella was very excited about eating her chocolate covered granola bar.212.jpg39.jpg48.jpgFriday assembly!

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