Ella was a busy little girl today

First of all, last night, Ron, Sunny and I went to a pre-school to hear about their philosophy on diversity. Helen took care of the girls. We really enjoyed going to the school – we all really like the school but the girls had an amazing night. They all had dinner together, played games, had a pony tail party, a sock party…Juliet showed Ella how to vacuum – so much more. Ella didn’t go to sleep until around 10:45 last night. She woke up at 8:50. We were a little late to a play date at their friend Tyler’s house. (Tyler is that cute little guy who was Pooh last year and a seal this year). We finally got there at around 10:30 and picked up two other friends on the way. The kids had a great time at the play date. There were times when they were playing together, other times that they were parallel playing, at other times they were trying to steal toys from each other. Tyler has a little thing for Juliet and that was captured with a kiss. Then at the end of the play date, he tried to plant one on Ella.After Tyler’s our 3 girls went home to our respective houses, had lunch and the girls took naps. At around 4:00, Stella and Juliet came calling for Ella. They had mac and chesse and painted. After the painting, they each got their baby strollers and were running around the hallway. At around 6:30, Sunny and I took Ella to the gym. Sunny is still on the mend from a very bad strain of the cold, so I took Ella in the pool by myself. We had dinner at the pub and came home, played, read books and put Ella to sleep.smile1.jpgHere is Ella hanging out at Tyler’s house and feeling happy.thomas.jpgHere’s Ella in the Thomas the Tank Engine tent. At one point, all the kids were in the train tentlaughing.jpgHere’s Ella hanging out of the side of the tent having a good laughkiss.jpgThis is the point where Tyler made his move.painting.jpgElla gets very serious when she is creatingstrollers.jpgHere are the girls having a stroller parade in the hallwayOFF TO THE POOLkickboard.jpgHere’s Ella surfing around on her kickboardrelaxed.jpgHere we are very relaxed in a super-warm poolhappy.jpgWe’re both feeling happy. Life is beautiful.

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  1. merilee says:

    Once again, you’ve made my morning. I love the picture of Tyler trying to kiss Ella. Very movie-like. Love you.Mom

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