wanted: more photographers

It seems like when I’m not around to shoot pictures, nobody else really wants to.  I have to make an exception – thank you Sunny for taking 3 pictures today at the park.  I went into New York this morning and spent some time with Jamie and then met an old friend for lunch.  Tonight, Sunny and I went back into NY and had a great dinner with Carol and Jordin.  Ella had a great day playing with mommy, grandma, papa and my parent’s friend Wendy.  Ella has laryngitis and although it’s sad that she has it, her voice sounds really cute.  When we came home from dinner tonight, Ella was in grandma and papa’s room watching Annie.  I caught some pretty cute pictures of Ella and papa dancing and singing to “Together At Last”.

126.jpgEven though it was around 36º today, Ella really wanted to play at the park.

218.jpg315.jpg49.jpg59.jpgElla and papa acting out the final scene in Annie.

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  1. merilee says:

    OK I got the camera out. It’s snowing this morning and Ella and I went outside for 2 minutes all bundled up to taste the snow as it was falling. Love you. Mom

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