Fun with friends

We have had a great and busy weekend.  On Saturday, Sunny and I went to see Avenue Q in San Jose with a bunch of friends.  Ella stayed home and watched Annie (for a change).  When we got back from San Jose, Sunny, Ella and I went over to Debby and Toby’s to hang out for a little while and to spend time with Rachel before she left to go back to college.  Ella had a blast – especially with Toby.  They were in another room just laughing hysterically.This afternoon, we met Michael, Phyllis and Zani at the Westfield and then Phyllis, Michael and Zani took Ella to the Metreon to see the Princess and the Frog (time #3).  Sunny and I went to see “Up in the Air”.  Then we all ended back at our place and were joined by 2 of Ella’s classmates, Brickelle and Julia.  The kids watched Annie – Ella was the only one who was really into it, had dinner and played around.  The girls all had a great time but of course Ella had a melt down at around 7:45.  We’re not exactly sure what it was all about, but whatever it was, it went away after a while.  2 of the kids wanted to sleep over so I guess altogether, it was a great night.116.jpg213.jpgElla this morning…got to love her accessories.39.jpg Ella and Zani having fun together.44.jpgZani painting Ella’s nails.54.jpg Ella and her buddies from school.64.jpg All the girls starting to watch Annie.74.jpg Eating dinner and watching the movie.Goodnight

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  1. merilee says:

    A movie and a play in one weekend! You and Sunny are really gad-abouts! What did you think of both? Can’t wait to see you Saturday. Please send your flight information. Love you. Mom

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