Swimming, school, the Princess and the Frog, Annie

Ella is learning side breathing in the pool.  She had a great lesson the other day and Sunny stopped by the pool on her way to working out and was just amazed at how well Ella was doing.  Ella loves Fridays – the day starts with their 7th grade buddies in their classroom and then they hang out at assembly and then in the classroom for a little more time.  Ella really loves her buddy Casi.  Tonight the 3 of us watched Annie (for the 6th time).  Ella acted out the entire movie.  On Sunday, 2 of her classmates are coming over to watch Annie…Ella is hooked.  It’s coming back on Broadway and hopefully we will be able to take her when we go back East for Passover.Here are some pictures from Thursday and Friday.115.jpg212.jpg38.jpg43.jpg53.jpgHere’s are little swimmer.  Ella is loving her swimming lessons and we love it that she is gaining confidence.63.jpg Ella playing with Dottie – one of the resident dogs in our building.73.jpgCasi, Ella and Brickelle at assembly.83.jpg At papa’s request, uncle Jesse found this poster for Ella in LA.  Sunny got it mounted and now Ella has her own beautiful Princess and the Frog poster.  We hung it in her room tonight.  Thank you papa – thanks uncle Jesse.93.jpgElla during one of her Annie dance routines.Here is a video of Ella singing “It’s A Hard Knock Life” from Annie, while Sunny was popping popcorn.  If you have any other Annie requests, shoot me an e-mail and I’ll have Ella do the song.

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  1. merilee says:

    What a treat! It’s almost like being there. I’m putting the video on my desk top so I can see it every day. And the swimming progress is great! Jamie told me she invited Ella to come to family swim with Milo when you’re here. Can’t wait. Love you. Mom

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